Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wet Comets In Wet Space

8. Pi / Holding Together [Union]
The waters on the surface of the earth flow together wherever they can, as for example in the ocean, where all the rivers come together. Symbolically this connotes holding together and the laws that regulate it.
- The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

For the last two thousand years We have been ruled by fire: We generate energy through heat, man fights man with fire-power and our forms of transportation are based on fire... But WATER is the KEY = Yin-Yang .. fire and water .. the two forces unite creating life = Balance and Wisdom of The East / Asia / Buddha / Zen!

The Suns, Planets, Galaxies and the entire Universe is held in place by "SOMETHING" [in Zen it would be called NO-THING]. Let's call this no-thing: Water.

Beginning closer to home .. your body is mostly water. The water (moisture/hydration) takes various forms = body fluids, blood, saliva, urine, glandular fluids, spinal fluids, brain fluids, tears, sweat etc.

However, humans do not identify themselves with or as a walking form of water. Humans identify with "matter" .. we are flesh .. we are solid .. we are animated physical life forms. Sure we are! Because of WATER!

Let's move to the Sun .. containing complex forms of water the Sun is "fire" .. and yet .. something unseen contains that fire. Not only contains the fire! But this something transmits and transmutes the ejections of Solar Flares - carrying the elements of life to all the Planets.

That "something" is "water" .. deep Space water.

Let's move to the Galaxy [out there] .. that is a lot of fire and volatile gasses [out there]... So, what prevents it all from combining and exploding into a giant combustion mass of exploding primordial force?


Some mysterious unseen force maintains SPACE and MOVEMENT. Some unseen force holds the star fire in place. Keeps the fire in check. Allows the fire to maintain form and duration.


Do you really think your body is held together by MATTER? Water .. fluid .. moisture .. hydration .. elasticity .. holds your body together. Even your breath relies on water moisture.

Wet Comets In Wet Space
Deep in Space, watery Comets swim in a wet (hydrated) environment. The Comet's tails are wet and they carry life. The tail of the Comets release thousands of "sperm" .. all of it water based. The Comets seed life into the Universe. They are the forces of Primal Cosmic origin .. fed by the waters and the fires of deep space and the Suns.

Fire & Water / Yin & Yang
Water and fire are the Yin and Yang of the universe. The forces that combine to create and maintain life. Look at the sword .. born in fire .. tempered in water. The same with the human being.

Human beings are tiny Suns walking on Earth .. water & fire .. fluid and chi .. energy and moisture .. seen mostly in the blood. The blood is red (energy/fire) and yet it is wet / moist / elastic.

The wood of a tree is moist. When the tree loses its moisture the tree decays, falls apart and dies. It is the same with human beings.

Does fire exist without moisture? Does life?