Monday, October 15, 2012

Water From The Sun

I am not a scientist, I don't even have a telescope [although I want to get one at some point to deepen my insights into the Universe] .. but I have a good imagination and my mind is my "telescope". Together, it makes for a rich life.

The reason I am writing this .. is to encourage people to use their minds .. to use their imagination .. to step outside of linear thinking and develop an inner relationship with cosmos. Because, each one of us began life as a little tadpole swimming in "water" to splash into a watery planet [called a womb] .. get birthed there and splash out into this world.

This world [Planet Earth] is a water world. There is water all around you .. seen and unseen .. detected and undetected .. recognised and unrecognised. For example, a volcanic eruption sends water out into the atmosphere that we eventually breathe in.

I am glad to see science is catching up with me...

"Moon water could have Solar source" .. "Solar wind made Moon water" .. "Moon water mystery" .. "Solar wind is source for Moon water" .. "Solar wind might have seeded the Solar System with water".

I knew nothing of this .. I have done no external research .. but I have meditated and have developed my own awareness of water in the Universe [over the past five years].

I love the way everyone is saying, the Sun might be supplying the Moon with water !! No, not might be. The Sun is supplying the Moon with water...

Even funnier than that is the fact that if the Sun is supplying the Moon with water .. then the Sun is supplying all the Planets [and Moons] in the Solar System with water.

The way I see it...
Planets and Moons are like collectors or distillers. They actually collect and distill the water "out there" in deep space .. that surrounds us. The Planets soak it in and make use of "the waters of life".

Water From The Sun
It is not as simple as to say that the Sun ejects water that ends up on the Moon. This is not only The Sun .. the water is everywhere in deep space. Of which, the Sun and the Sun's activity is one part of a greater whole.

The Sun could only hold water if the space-atmosphere supporting the Sun is moist or humid. Because, the Sun also draws in "water". However, water-in-space is not in a form that we humans currently understand.

By the time a Planet such as Earth has absorbed and distilled the water it receives from the Sun and from surrounding space .. the source has been transformed. The transmuted form water takes on Earth is: oceans, rivers, streams, underground pools, humidity and various levels of moisture. Humans are a walking form of transmuted water.

Physical life is the Universe walking on the Planet.

The Moon is doing the same thing as Earth .. but in a different way. The Moon stores water in a different way than the Earth. For example, there are no oceans on the surface of the Moon .. there are no rapidly flowing rivers on the Moon's surface .. but the water is there. Each Planet has its own "water alchemy".

The way I see it .. the water from the Sun is absorbed from the watery universal womb. This water is transmuted by the Sun and ejected as a Solar system moisture vapour (the heliosphere).

Once the Sun ejects the transmuted Universe waters .. this transmuted water mixes back in a subtle way with the greater outer body of water that contains the stars .. like a primordial ocean.

The Sun really is giving life to all its children: the Planets and Moons. The Sun combines the water it has transmuted, adding life giving elements and energy to the mix .. and then the Sun re-combines this Solar water with the surrounding elements of space.

Water on the Earth, Moon or Mars is not only from the Sun. We are surrounded by a primordial force that largely contains "water". The Sun simply spits out a highly charged alchemical formula that allows all of us to exist inside a powerful primordial Universe. All of us being, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto etc...

It's wet "out there" !!