Saturday, October 13, 2012

(Re)Birth of Solar Man

Is it possible that for thousands of years, our ancestors knew that the Universe was based on water? Is it possible that the Maya were not communicating "endings" .. but were aware of eternal cycles of "beginnings"?

It's not the end, my friend .. it's the beginning...

We humans give birth to civilisations, over and over again. You have the Earth giving birth to (and sustaining) physical life .. humans give birth to children .. trees give birth to seeds .. societies give birth to cultures .. cultures give birth to civilisations...

Trees grow from germinated seeds and die. Humans germinate, grow and die. Societies are born and die. Cultures are born and die. They all obey natural cycles and Nature's laws .. only it takes place over different time cycles. A giant oak tree may outlive humans .. as societies outlive many generations of humans.

Fish In Water
Perhaps fish spawned in the oceans and in the rivers of the Earth do not become aware that they are fish in water. They swim .. they are happy .. innocent creatures .. at one with their environment. They live in the depths of water knowing nothing of "dry land".

But "dry land" is not so DRY .. as those who live on land breathe moisture for air. All around us is water. We depend on water for life. We are mostly creations of water. We drink water and we inhale water (moisture/humidity). Water is life .. without it we die.

The least understood relationship on Earth is the relationship between fire and water. Is water and fire the yin & yang of the Universe? Water extinguishes fire and fire extinguishes water. How closely are the two elements connected?

Sun Born In Water
Everywhere in the Universe the Stars, Galaxies and Star Clusters are surrounded by water. Dark Pools (of water) hold the Star Fire in place. This is a form of water we do not yet understand.

Out there in the universe there are primordial waters, there are elixir waters, there are rivers of water, deep pools of water, there are wombs of water and there are humid gasses forming Suns and Planets.

Galaxies contain water, Stars contain water, Planets, Moons, Asteroids and Comets contain water. It may not exactly be the water you are used to seeing in the ocean or in rivers and streams .. because water on Earth is a transmutation of Universal waters.

Solar Man
The human being walking on the Earth is a combination of water and fire (chi energy). Our bodies are mostly water, our lungs breath humid gas (air) and our inner fire (energy) transmutes the water and air (humidity) to maintain life.

Human beings are tiny Suns walking on the Earth...

The human body is a transient Sun being, born from water, living on planet Earth with all the other brothers and sisters of the Sun: grass, plants, trees, insects, animals, birds, fish and deep sea mammals.

Male and female are both water and fire.

Within each human is a tiny spark of the Sun .. within each bacteria is a tiny spark of the Sun .. it's a watery Universe...

The most important factor is that humans are children of the Sun. The Maya knew it .. the Tibetans knew it .. the ancient ancestors of all our Earth Planetary cultures knew it. Humans are Suns walking on the Earth.

Just as there is water in humans .. there is water in the Sun .. there is water surrounding the Galaxy, there is water out there in the Universe. Deep pools with their own density, depth and nature.

As above so below. The water in man is the water from the Sun.

The nature of water is totally different in deep space, between and surrounding Galaxies, within Suns, the heliosphere, surrounding Planets, inside the atmosphere, as oceans and as rivers.

Water deep within the Earth has a totally different nature than the water running through pipes to reach the tap in your kitchen. Water at its source in the highest mountains has a totally different nature than the water that makes up your body. Unless you are living at the highest source.

If you could extract water from the Sun and cool it down .. the cooling process would radically transform its nature. That is the principle of life .. the same principle that sends water through space .. reaching and surrounding the Planets .. merging with the atmosphere .. transforming and altering its own nature to adapt to the conditions of its immediate surroundings.

It is the same transmutation within man. Water and fire.

What is life and what is intelligence? To the ancient Vedics fire and water were aspects of consciousness. Where does that consciousness come from? It is embodied in fire (the Sun) and in Water (the source of Life). Human beings rely on Nature in the same way a computer relies on electricity.

Humans are "plugged in" .. to the Sun .. to the Earth .. to water and fire .. to life. What combines water and fire? Chi/Qi (life source) .. prana .. energy of the spirit inhabiting physical reality. Water and fire .. yin and yang.