Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stars Galaxies and Dark Pools

64. Wei Chi / Before Completion
The conditions are difficult. The task is great and full of responsibility. It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion back to order. But it is a task that promises success, because there is a goal that can unite the forces now tending in different directions.
- The I Ching or Book of Changes
Richard Wilhelm

Imagine that your awareness is like a mirror to the Universe. You waken up and you can see the depth of cosmos with your mind. You are part of the surrounding cosmos and cosmos is part of you.

Black holes become dark vortices and dark matter becomes dark pools .. because water is the key to the Universe. In that strange world of "Stars, Galaxies and Dark Pools" .. there is water in deep space .. there is water in the Sun .. and space is not an empty vacuum .. there is water in all Galaxies.

The big bang is more a big splash .. as Stars, Planets, Galaxies and unseen phenomenon swim in an ocean of something we have no name for. It is not matter and it cannot be called dark matter. The ancients called it Aether .. but it is not air. This something, in which cosmos floats, is akin to a form of water that we humans today have no conception for.

The waters of life?

Some years ago I suddenly had this concept that water exists outside of Planets .. although I am not sure that water outside of the Earth's atmosphere is the same as water within the Earth's atmosphere.

This is like water in the womb.

Is the water in the womb comparable to water in a river? Blood is water. The oceans are water. Clouds are water. Sweat is water. Saliva is water. Urine is water. Are they comparable?

I find the idea strange .. that Stars, Planets, Galaxies and everything else float in a vacuum of "space" .. that Galaxies float through "empty space". Does a fish know it swims in water? Does a fish know that it is wet?

As Above So Below
This morning embodied very complex instant realisation .. one of those moments that brings together many years of understanding .. as though enlightened beings are teaching humans bit-by-bit .. and suddenly the monsoon rains arrive = downpour of realisations pouring onto Earth.

In that moment .. you see that Galaxies, Stars and Planets float in a Universal "womb of water" .. where the Sun ejects water (called Solar Flares) .. and where the Planets within the Solar System live within "humidity" of the waters of the Sun's heliosphere.

Why is the heliosphere humid? Because the Sun ejects moisture.

Father Sun Mother Earth
Father Sun ejects life giving "fire" [but it looks a lot like water vapor in the NASA videos... °1° .. °2°] .. and the waters of the Sun carries life throughout the Solar System .. but also enshrouds the Planets in the Sun's vapour.

Even on the sunniest day and over the hottest deserts, the air is full of water. Without realising it, we are surrounded by water all the time. The air acts like a sponge and continually soaks up water. This water is in the form of invisible vapour, and has been evaporated from oceans, lakes and rivers. The actual amount of water vapour in the air (its humidity) depends on how hot and dry the area is. ^#^

We Are Breathing In Moisture
Mother Earth receives the seed of the father of life (the Sun) . . . and when the Solar flares from the Sun hit directly onto the Earth . . . it is possible that Planet Earth gives life to / gives birth to land.

Our Ancestors said that the Earth "breathes" .. just like you .. just like your lungs .. only the Planet breathes SOLAR AIR. In my mind Planet Earth expands and contracts in harmony with the SUN . . . over long and short Solar Cycles. Over much longer cycles, one Solar breath can be ?? thousands of years.

We humans are very small and the Earth is very big !!

Let's say Father Sun impregnates Mother Earth with Solar ejections in long and short cycles. Is is possible that a direct Solar ejection would [after some time] give birth to a new "child"? Where an Island or a sunken Continent would rise up out of the Oceans [the waters of the Earth] .. giving birth to new or reincarnated lands / Islands ??

When I say long and short cycles, I am talking about thousands and tens of thousands of years [give or take a few million]. By that .. I mean .. that the Sun and the Earth are in a long term relationship. Together they create and destroy life. Together they are life and death combined.

I did a little bit of research after I received this information .. how real could this be .. how can there be water in the Sun ??? Water on The Sun [PDF].

The reason that science does not admit to the existence of water in deep space, to the existence of what I call "dark pools" .. or to water in the Sun .. and to the ejection of humidity in Solar Flares .. is partly because they cannot detect it.

Life giving humidity and water are everywhere .. but science cannot detect it .. due to an extremely narrow definition of what is water, what is vapour, what is humidity and what is moisture.

Does the fish know is it swimming in an ocean of water?

Maybe dolphins know !!

I envision that the space between Galaxies are life giving .. but also containing fluids of a Universal dark womb. Inside the waters of this womb are the waters of the Suns, Stars, Planets and Galaxies. Moisture within moisture within moisture. Essential to all of life...

Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky, discovered that bacteria in water responded instantly to solar flares, rather than waiting the 8 minutes it should take for photon bombardment to reach Earth and elicit a response.