Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dark Pool 'Halos' Surrounded by Cosmic Waters

Sorry! In a "future life" I was an astro-physicist... '-)
- ZenSu

Why is it essential to understand the Universe's many forms of water?
Because .. it defines your planetary levels of "science".

"Huge, invisible cocoons of mass envelop entire galaxies... " Not mass .. I call them "dark pools" .. because, they are made of WATER. Look at any number of photographic images of deep space and you can see [without a telescope] that Suns, Planets and Galaxies are swimming in SOMETHING.

Galaxies float in "space" and fish float in "water".

The entire Universe is an astonishing example of highly advanced layering(s) of water. Which means, there is [for you] the more obvious form of water that touches your skin. But touch the water .. and it is not so obvious!

On a daily basis we take water for granted... Put water into a bowl and touch it .. but you will never touch it. Put your hand into water and try to observe and understand it .. but you will never understand it.

There is water you can see and there is water you cannot see. There are many layers of water from dense to subtle. Water transmutes consciousness and life.

The definition of "death" for all life forms is TOTAL DEHYDRATION. Have you ever found a dead bird or insect? When planetary life forms are dead they are dehydrated. They lose water. It is the same for Stars and Galaxies.

The Universe is filled with Dark Pools .. of water!

Oil & Water Do Not Mix
The olive tree takes water and creates the olive. From the "tree created" olive - man creates olive oil. But! Oil and water do not mix .. and yet the olive is a transmuted form of water. It is the same with Stars and Galaxies.

The human body takes water and transmutes the water 24/24 to maintain body life equilibrium within the cells, organs, skin, muscles, tendons, blood, bones, spinal fluid, brain fluid...

As above, so below! It is the same with the Universe!

Dark Pool 'Halos' Surrounded by Cosmic Waters
Water is so flexible .. it can take on many forms. You find water in animals, in fish, in birds, trees, grass, vegetables and in humans. Water adapts to its environment.

There is no Universe without water!

The primary and most powerful force is water .. and yet water is yielding .. soft .. transforms itself into many layers and frequencies. You can touch water and you cannot touch water.

Cosmic dark pool 'halos' are WET... there is water present.

We live in a world - out of balance - dominated by fire .. by the "fire nations" .. who deny water. Who are afraid of water .. because water can bring an end to their planetary fire dominance.

When you look out into the Universe with new eyes .. the waters are containing the fires, gasses, the formation of matter and the orbits of Planets .. [containing] nuclear energies and the relative combustion .. "out there" in deep space.

The natural Universe is water and fire in balance.