Monday, October 01, 2012

Unified Earth Theory

Although I am a "no one" in the world of science .. a post on my Blog is often the result of weeks or months of study and research .. or the result of years of observing.

My mind works like a living computer... The mind will often [on its own] bring together many bits of information gathered across a lifetime of reading, researching and observing life.

All I do is pay attention and listen to our collective intelligence.

I will give you an example of how my mind acts, to give me insights into the workings of the Planet we live on. The most important factor in any event is not the event itself; but our consciousness = how we humans adapt in relationship to the reality that surrounds us at any moment in time and space.

Cloud Watcher
I watch clouds... Since I was a small child I have always observed clouds - as though they talk to me on a personal level. Therefore, a few days ago I was noticing a profound change in the colour, texture and nature of the clouds.

To diverge a little .. I can see the difference between chemtrail clouds and real clouds. Real clouds are alive ...

The new clouds were translucent white with volcanic brown cores, mixed with a brown-yellow sulfur. They were similar to the clouds that formed weeks after the 2010, Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull eruption.

It is possible that large scale tectonic activity emits natural gas .. that alters the atmosphere in a similar way to volcanoes .. or there are deep ocean eruptions from underwater volcanoes that we do not currently detect.

I have another theory much more long term...

Unified Earth Theory
The key element to my theory is that throughout the Universe Planetary Alchemy is the key to life. In other worlds, Planet Earth is a Master Alchemist.

Over thousands, tens of thousands and millions of years the Earth creates balance of the elements: Air, fire, earth and water. The 5th element is Aether, the invisible force that underlies the mixing of the other four elements.

From air, fire, earth and water metals and wood are created. Plant and animals are created and sustained all the way from sub-atomic to matter.

In the Unified Earth Theory "climate Change" is natural. For example, the climate has changed from Ice Age to mild climate and from mild climate to Ice Age. There are fundamental forces that are key to long range balancing of the Planet's climate: earthquakes and volcanic activity.

For example, gasses and ionic particles released during a large earthquake mix - over time - with gasses and ions released through volcanic activity.

We can expect future Pompeii like events .. not because the Earth is trying to kill us off .. but because the "Great Alchemist" wakens up from time to time and together with the Sun adds new elements into the atmosphere.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are breathing life into the atmosphere.

A key element of my Unified Earth Theory are the clouds. For example, Mars lost its cloud cover. Maybe they got sucked out into space ?? Who knows ?? We depend on the Earth's clouds for our survival.

When you observe the clouds, you are seeing evidence of one of the most visible aspects of the Planet's alchemical interactions. Humans are going to be affected by these changes and will adapt to them over hundreds of years.

That is what humans, plants and animals were designed to do: To adapt to change. Our lives are part of the Earth's Alchemy. The larger planetary effect alters the smaller life forms. It goes all the way down the chain.

Polar ice melts are generated from heat inside the Earth and are most likely part of the life essential alchemy. You have the release of quake and volcanic gasses mixing with moisture from the melting ice. Changes that are devastating to one area brings life to another area.

Earthquakes are frequency shifts in which the Planet is talking to itself .. this is a language .. all earthquakes are related in some way. This is a form of communication.

The whole Universe is based on communication.

You could say that the universe is talking to itself. The Sun, the Earth, the Stars and Planets are having a dialogue. Maybe that is the "word of God" .. but older texts say: In the beginning was SOUND.

A higher form of communication is based on sound, where words are a lower "technical jargon" using sound to convey their limited meaning. When we depend only on words we do not understand the sounds of the birds and other animals.

When the Planet Venus rises in the sky before dawn the light is evident; but a higher race would hear the Planet Venus rather than just see its light. The sounds resonating from the Sun have equal if not more power than the light.

There is unified intelligence behind the whole Universe.