Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Weather Engineering

The era we are living in seems to be a time of great chaos, and the source of the chaos is the state of the human mind. People have become so ego centric that they have little or no perception of the greater body of reality that exists outside of their egoist centered stream of thoughts. Because of the inner isolation from the greater reality, the ego has become polluted, like a stagnant pool of water that is never cleaned by the rain forming a stream of flowing water.

The stagnant pool of the ego is rotting away in its tiny isolated cell of self-importance, while all over the world the individual cells of the body of mankind are divided and fighting each other. In medical terms this is called cancer. The body of man is fighting itself.

In a sense, we are all engineering our own weather, on a daily basis. The climate around each of us is a mini weather system. When that inner climate is ego-centered and becomes a dirty pool, we contaminate our surrounding environment, our relationships, our world with psychic cancer cells. We sicken our environment with anger, resentment, jealousy and conflict. That is our cellular and psychic weather system that has its effect on the world.

Today, we have this very primitive self isolated ego developing technology where it can extend its personality beyond the immediate local environment and out into the global environment. One form of technology being developed with the power to effect the global environment is Weather Modification. The problems that arise from National Weather Modification centers is the short sighted ego-centric modifier of the weather, whose interests conflict with other short sighted ego-centric modifiers of the weather.

The moment scientists and organisations develop these kinds of technologies, and use them or sell the technologies to allied parties, you will have a serious problem developing that could give new meaning to "Weather Wars". Obviously China, India and Russia will wish to have rain when they need it. Africa will wish to bring and end to droughts or extreme flooding. America will want to bring rain to their farmers. Hurriances will be seeded to disperse them before they reach land. South America will want to bring rain to their farmers, as will Spain, Italy and England. Scandinavia and Germany will want to bring rain to their countries. If all these special interests develop the technologies to provide for their needs through weather engineering, and they are all using the technology all together and all at once... that also gives new meaning to the term weather wars.

Due to the emotionally simplistic outlook of the egocentric identity, what happens if countries get mad with each other and the technology is conveniently so secret that no one will know what hit them? Rather than use the weather engineering technology to create rain, special interests begin to use it to create drought in other countries, or hurricanes, or floods, destroy harvests? What if your rain pulling harvest creates unnatural drought in other countries, because you are turning the system in a way it is not meant to be turned? It is not so much that the isloated ego is not aware of this, it is that the ego does not care.

Nature (the weather) is a self correcting system. If something is done to really pull the natural weather cycles out of balance then the earth will correct the imbalance, but not overnight. It may take months - or years - for the earth to correct the damage caused by weather surgery. For example, let's say that the main artery feeding the European weather system beats down through Scandinavia with a heart pump in the middle of Germany... and the natural weather system is modified to attach the main artery to run down the West coast of Britain and feed rain to Southern Spain (due to economic interests). That would be like transplanting the human heart's major artery into the arm, leaving minor veins to pass through the heart.

The moment special interests become involved in unregulated weather surgery, the lesson from this (the consequences) could last 100 years. The major weather artery transplant could kill the patient. Weather modification is a bit like like the Russian matryoshka dolls, there is a doll within a doll within a doll, until you come to the one who you cannot see from the outside who started the whole thing.

The major artery of the North Atlantic Current, when severed through surface surgery, will not only do damage to the local point of incision, but it will also bleed right across the ocean and into all the other systems, setting them into disarray until the main artery can heal itself. Assuming that there is no further weather modification operations carried out on the major sea artery pumping the blood of the continental weather system. The living motor that runs the planet's weather systems is well out of our reach. However, messing around with the upper circuits could blackout the whole continental system. There is a high probability of this, especially when you do not know what you are doing.

As a result of severing the main artery you could see any amount of bizzare weather pumping back across the Atlantic ocean, lasting for many years to come, and creating a global weather crisis that will make Global Warming look pale in comparison. I could be mistaken? But I think something similar sunk Atlantis?

Unless humans can learn to be fish within the next five years, using time distortion fields to operate on the North Atlantic Current is not such a good idea. Humans have to work with the earth rather than have the earth working for humans. For reference I found one article relating to HAARP and the possible bending of time: EL HAARPO

Long-term Weather Blocking
The long-lasting California drought in the 80s was caused by a massive ridge of high pressure 800 miles off the California coast which hovered for extended periods of time, blocking the usual flow of moist air coming in from the Pacific and pushing storms around to the north. Meteorologists who have analyzed this phenomena consider it to be one of the most unusual national patterns ever recorded, unique in the annals of weather recording. Such long-lasting centers of high pressure were unheard of until 1977. TWM

The problem with engineering the weather using clandestine technology is that you can force the currents to change over a short period, and as you continue to do this repeated short term manipulation (intrusion into the weather cycles), then you really destroy the natural land and sea currents. At some point the earth will kick back with such a force that the national short term benefits will become the nations long term future tears. The weather artery that you cut to create short term local benefits damages the natural system you depend upon in the long term. In disrupting the natural system you are disrupting your own long term future weather. This is where the technology becomes impotent. You can fire up and alter a sytem that is working, but you cannot kick start nor benefit from a bleeding artery.

The greatest problem facing mankind is not man made global warming, it is man made weather modification technologies where money can buy rain. If individuals are paying millions of Euro to fly to the International Space Station, then you can be sure institutions who have the money will pay for rain. If you have this technology you could secretly make a lot of money per cubic raindrop. Ultimately you are starving Peter to feed Paul. Beyond that the earth is going to rebel and kick back on this technology, through an immune response. What people do not really understand is that the earth can protect herself and she does have an electro magnetic immune system with which she can respond.

The planet's weather system is a highly sensitive bio-sphere that nurtures all living things on this earth. It is a complete system. You cannot seperate the arteries from the heart, from the veins, from the glands and the muscles. What you do to one part you do to all parts of the system. You may have the technology to send out a powerful field, but not realise that at some point the field sucks back, and it may suck back with a lot more force than was sent out. The Sorcerer's Apprentice