Wednesday, May 23, 2007

US Knew About Food Contamination

Don't worry America - the cancer causing Melamine tainted pet food that was shipped around to Canada and back into the United States as fish feed will not harm you. The fish, and the chickens and the pigs have eaten it, and they are dead. So, what is a little teeny weeny bit of Melamine contamination between friends?

The fact that the poison in the pet food that killed all those cats and dogs is back in the food chain? Well, it wont harm you. You don't know which fish it is in anyway. None of us know what kind of crap is contaminating our food - from pesticides, to fungus and bacteria.

China vows to prevent food contamination.
The fact that the people in China are unfortunately dying of Cancer at an unhealthy rate, does not mean that the pesticides in those imported products contain the same levels of pollution killing the people there. Filth and residue are the top reasons for rejection of China's food imports to the US. So what about Europe?

While Chuck Strahl wonders if we should regulate pet food, the FDA is coming under fire for their own inability to maintain food safety in the US, which means our food in Canada is also unsafe since we get so much from the states.

The Food and Drug Administration has known for years about contamination problems at a Georgia peanut butter plant and on California spinach farms that led to disease outbreaks that killed three people, sickened hundreds, and forced one of the biggest product recalls in U.S. history, documents and interviews show.
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