Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Holistic Community of Humankind

Wingmakers Neruda Interview 4

Sarah: “In this whole discussion tonight – most of which has been centered on the Incunabula or, maybe more appropriately I should call it the world power structure – I don’t hear much about the spiritual implications. It really sounds oddly impersonal and unspiritual, if that’s a word. Can you comment on this?”

Dr. Neruda: “What is occurring in our world is a manifestation of how a species migrates from statehood to species-hood. It is a stage within the migration plan. Humans must move from the patriotic, believe-what-I-am-told mentality, and elevate their thinking to encompass and embrace the holistic community of humankind. It will require enormous leadership capacity in order to accomplish the conclusion of this migration, because the world’s people will require a watershed event to erase its memory.”

Sarah: “Hold on a moment. What do you mean to erase its memory?”

Dr. Neruda: “There’s a persistent memory in the psyche of humans – particularly the weaker cultures that have been trampled on by nations bent on colonization. These grievous indignations to the weaker nations of the world have left a deep mark on their collective memory. It’s vital that this memory be erased or purged in order for humankind to become unified in its governance and fundamental systems.

“This event can be orchestrated or it may occur through natural means, but it’s generally agreed that an event must arise that galvanizes the world’s people to unite, and in this process, purge the memory of all peoples, but especially those who have been dealt with as victims of colonization.” Wingmakers.com