Thursday, May 03, 2007

DOR Busting

Why you cannot fragment weather systems

If you take the picture on the left and you imagine it represents the handprint of a normally invisible weather system around an area in the North Sea. Imagine that someone wants to take a resource (water) from that area and transfer it to Southern Spain.

In that sense, to these people, water is a financial resource. So you pick out one of the lines, isolate the line... it represents the water resource you want and it is way up in the North, where it circulates as part of a larger Master System. You pull the line down. You don't want it way up there in the North, because water is money to you.

In your thinking you can fuel development, agriculture and endless growth if you can permanently alter the amount of water in the drier regions of the South. Unfortunately, you do not really understand that the lines of magnetic resonance you see in the image on the left represent a complete system. Mess up one part of that system and you mess up all parts of the system. So, you develop some kind of technology that pulls one of those lines all the way down to somewhere it is not supposed to be. Rather than take the time to study and understand the complexity of the water carrying resonance, all you can think of is the money you will generate once you re-engineer the weather to do what you want it to do.

You pull down the lines and straight away you take a balanced and beautiful harmonic and you turn the picture into something ugly and dis-resonant. Even worse than that, the water carrying magnetic resonance does not work anymore. It's like cutting and pulling a thread out of a jumper and the whole thing is eventually full of holes and unravels. In winter the jumper no longer keeps you warm nor protects. Once you have unravelled it, the threads are useless - and you don't have the skills to knit them back together again. That is my own definition of modern day weather engineering.

There are ways to work with nature to move weather systems in a balanced way. The corporate mind cannot work with these more subtle technologies, because when in balance man works with the weather and not the other way round. People using Orgone Resonator DOR busting systems have to have a different mind than the current global service-to-self mentality sweeping this planet. The reason the other groups have developed kick-force technologies, is because they cannot work with orgone. They cannot work with orgone, because you have to be in the orgone to work with it. You cannot be outside the orgone field and work with it. You can only work with this magnetic resonance from inside. In that respect you can imagine that you would have to be one of the lines you see in the picture above. You are one with the force.

Many people who study the work of Wilhelm Reich miss one key factor in Reich's success with the weather. Not only did Reich study nature intently, but he had a feeling for nature from the inside, so to speak. It is not just a matter of building an Orgone Generator and using it the way you would drive a car. The human being makes the generator work, and that aspect is a totally new landscape for humans today. Many ancient civilisations understood the principle of man as an undivided part of nature. People today have lost that inner knowledge. If you are not one with the weather system you are working with, either you will have no effect or you will do more damage than good.

The current methods of weather engineering hit the system with heat to kick start (force) a desired process. Orgone Radiance has nothing to do with heat, friction and violence. The kick start systems use heat as force and that will create a lot of problems later. The earth does not respond straight away, because the planet is a highly complex resonant time field. The ripple effects of what we do now appear later as though they come out of a mysterious hole in time, and people are going to wonder what hit them. Don't worry, it is only the current day weather experiments looping back on us. What goes around comes around.

When you are working with orgone you cannot go wrong, because the field wont work for you or with you until you get it right. If you never figure it out, you will be faced with a dead end. Once you begin to figure it out the field works with you on the levels you are capable of working, until you are capable of working on other levels. It is a self-teaching Open Source System that responds to our levels of development. If you try to use the system in the wrong way you suddenly find yourself outside the field with no connection. The orgonite field kicks you out because you are not resonating in harmony with the original force.

The key is in the lines of the picture. We are a part of the force of life, and those outside of the harmonic resonance are not a part of the resonant field. Either you are within the field working and learning within the harmonic, or you are outside kicking the lines of the field to do what you want it to do. Outside there is no protection from the loop back when the weather you hit kicks in behind you - back into the future. The strings of the harp sound back at you when the next cycle turns. That is a law of nature no one can change. What you do to the earth today loops back around and creates your future. Which puts us all on the line to behave in ways today that we want to live in the future.