Friday, May 11, 2007

Future Mind

Part of the difficulty we all face is not so much swings in climate change that disrupt our food crops and fuel supplies, but the problem of our minds. The problem maker creating widespread planetary destruction is not the mind that will find solutions to the crisis we are facing. The problem creating mind has the capacity to create problems. If it had the ability to find solutions it would have done so by now. In this respect all the difficulties face by mankind are manifest directly from one source: The mind of man.

A healthy mind would not clear cut virgin forests. A healthy mind would not bottom trawl oceans, or vacum fish the ocean's creatures. The focus of a healthy mind would not be maximising profits, blind to the effect this has on the eco-system, on nature, destroying the quality of life. A healthy mind would not go to war. Therefore, the destruction of our world (and ourselves) is a result of a mind that creates problems. Humans have carved the world in their own image.

In the future, finding solutions to the problems of a damaged world will be the solution of a healthy mind. That means the mind of the future is radically different to the mind that created the problems. In a world where a healthy mind does not form, the human populations face extinction. The potential for anarchy is a result of a mind that cannot change to meet the challenges it faces. Intelligence adapts as the old paradigm remains caught in the tracks of its habits and patterns, even when the habits are killing them.

Self reliance is the key to the centuries ahead. We have passed through the time when the Goddess took care of mankind, and we have passed through the time when the God took care of menkind. Now humans have to adapt to self reliance and stand on their own. Over the next few centuries we may study our cosmic parents to better understand ourselves and where we came from, but the personality that forms is up to us. It is time to leave home.

In the not too distant future the healthy mind will not be sitting around fearful of the earth and fearful of the massive fluctuations in the weather. The future mind is adapting to a new awareness of Orgone radiance, and how to work with that energy. It is not technology that will change how we live with the earth, but it is the mind that will change our relationship. Although it appears today that we will develop technological solutions to heal the damage we have done, that is because we do not realise we are at the end of this cycle. The mechanical is coming to an end.