Monday, June 07, 2010

Oil Plumes On The Claws of The Phoenix

"...What 'bout sun power, water and the power of the wind? Huh, Summer? What 'bout all stuff like that? What 'bout energy from Earth Mother's powerful magnet circle? ... Summer, peoples gone too far too fast. They gone too fast in wrong direction. They miss road way back in time." - No-Eyes [Phoenix Rising, Mary Summer Rain]

Many years ago I read "Phoenix Rising - No-Eyes Vision of The Changes To Come" written by Mary Summer Rain .. the book was first published back in 1987 .. in which, one of the dangers coming towards mankind on planet Earth would be carelessness leading to accidents - in essence people start making mistakes and this behavior becomes common. Then they try to cover everything up, like the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster: New Oil Plume Evidence Uncovered - as BP deny the presence of underwater oil plumes.

Why is this happening and what can one do other than watch in despair?

The Native peoples knew of this time to come, a time of greed and chaos where mankind would walk away from the ways of the Earth and would create for himself great sorrow and suffering. The sorrow is really inside every human being who walks away from love of the Earth, because we are from and of the Earth and so the sorrow is we walk away from ourselves. The greed benefits no one - it is an isolated path that creates more greed because it increases insecurity and fear, then follows brutality as the mind falls lower than the animals.

Those who put their minds into service-to-self (nihilism) face inner decay and deterioration. They don't care about the Earth, and out of that forms a brutality of 'self' - in the back of the mind everyone knows what is right action and what is wrong .. but humans have the ability to ignore these inner navigation signals -out of self interest - especially when there is a lot of money involved. Small groups of people will make a decision not to shut down operations when all the signs show that something is wrong.

The Gulf of Mexico is an essential resource that cannot be replaced. A resource that benefits animals, birds, fish, insects (and therefore humans), an environment that is also interacting with the ecology and atmospheric currents of the whole planet.

The serious deterioration within the mind of man is: "I don't care.."

That small sentence sums up the single-minded manipulation of how humans use energy over the last 100 years. All leading to this latest Gulf of Mexico disaster, and if people on this planet don't waken up there will be many more 'disasters' to come.

In the wars after Atlantis, ancient cultures continually fled from the conflicts - they crossed from the Indus, and later from Egypt to what is now known as Europe and at the very last the Celtic tribes fled from Switzerland and Germany to the North of Scotland to escape the 'enemy' pursuing them "Scota". The problem does not come from 'Europe' it comes from somewhere else - it colonized Europe and continues to attempt to make successive 'Empires' throughout the world.

If you don't do the research and understand this then nothing is going to change. The whole human race is being manipulated to destroy itself though the addiction to 'greed'. The alchemy of greed is very complex. It is related to concepts of the 'Alpha man' and the Alpha woman'. Why do I spell Alpha with a capital? Because the man and the woman are secondary to the manifestation - the alchemy of the 'Alpha Dog Archetype' - whose secondary addiction symptoms are 'power' and 'fear'. From the highest executive to the lowest hands-on worker all are addicted to this illusion of 'power' each at their own level.

The human beings out of touch with the planet and out of touch with themselves have no sense of their own worth, and so they reach out to various Archetypal vibrational drugs of the psyche for power and for influence. People do not need to take physical drugs, they are already zoned-out and getting their 'highs' from an Archetypal netherworld. Natural intelligence is being undermined by ego's focus on the needs of the 'Alpha dog'.

Behind all this is a much more sinister force - the skeleton down in the basement. Let's call that skeleton 'thought' (ego) .. and these are the emotions, the desires, the fears and the loneliness. Why would the emotions appear like a skeleton? Because the unseen (under the surface) emotions form who you are, what you do, how you react and how you make decisions. The emotions form the skeletal structure of the human personality, and out of those emotions spring all the various thoughts and reactions.

Don't take my word for it .. watch it happen .. be aware of the thoughts and then look for the skeleton of emotions out of which the thought instantly springs. If you command your brain to show you the root of thought and you become aware as you are thinking, you will see the feeling and you will be faced to face with the skeleton of your 'personality'.

As you now see, cleaning up an 'oil spill' is not so easy as we would like it to be, because it takes you back to the root of the problem and people don't like to go there. People do not like to face that their on-autopilot personality is nothing more than a collection of emotional bones and tendons. If you go look in the cellar you also find a light right at the back of the cave .. the light highlights the (immature) skeleton of emotions -that's YOU sitting there .. and much more interesting to you (once you have seen the light) is where does it go .. and as you walk past all those thousands of years of emotions that make up the skeleton of your personality - it dissolves - and the self dies unto itself. Then there is only the 'light' at the back of the cave .. figure the rest out for yourself '-)