Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP Bankruptcy? Hole In The Well Head

Go read - BP: Simmons Still Sees Bankruptcy; Massive Hole at the Well Bore?: Turning to the spill, Simmons reiterated the rather surprising conclusion that the current “top kill” effort by BP, as well as the planned relief wells, will not stop the Gulf spill.

He says he talked over the weekend with scientists on board the Thomas Jefferson, a research boat used by the National Oceanographic Administration.

The chat confirmed his suspicion that the leak that BP is focusing on at the “riser” is not the problem. The real problem is a gaping hole at the “well head,” 8 miles away.

“The riser leak is a deception,” says Simmons. “The hole is in the well head — it’s the well bore.”

Urgent Need For Clean Technologies?
President Obama in his first national address from the United States Oval Office [June 15 2010], said that this 'oil spill' demonstrated the need to end the US "addiction" to fossil fuels.

United States Presidents make announcements from the Oval Office over vital national issues. Obama also said: " .. I say we can't afford not to change how we produce and use energy - because the long-term costs to our economy, our national security, and our environment are far greater .. " as he renewed calls for the US to embark on a future of clean energy.

"We're all mad here."
- Cheshire Cat [Alice In Wonderland]

The so-called 'clean technologies' already exist .. @ Area 51 and other secret locations around the planet .. David Adair - Veil of Secrecy

Don't get me wrong .. we Earth humans do not need Area 51 type technologies, nor do we need 'Secret Govt' technologies .. and this is very important to understand. Humans have the ability to create or destroy, they can create advanced technology or they can create destructive technology. Selfishness is self-destructive, greed is self-destructive lifetime after lifetime.

Humans on Earth also have the ability to create something beautiful and create a 'future worth living'. There is no difference between the mind conceiving a destructive selfish technology or conceiving a highly advanced technology of benefit to man, animals, plants and the planet. In fact, it takes more effort to create a technology out-of-balance than to create a technology in balance. The only difference between balance and out-of-balance is greed ..

Greed and service-to-self will always create an out of balance technology, architecture, business, way of life etc. Human beings are also capable of creating a balanced, holistic 'technological' way of living, growing food, architecture and way of life.

Research: Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife, Georges Lakhovsky, Ann Wigmore, Viktor Schauberger, Masanobu Fukuoka, permaculture.

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