Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Coup d'état of Human Intelligence

It is 2010 and the tide is turning on the 2,000 year Coup d'état of 'Human Intelligence' .. oil is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, sending a clear message to the collective human consciousness: "Waken up!"

This is not the first disaster and it is not the last, but it is probably the one disaster that could be said to have 'tipped the balance' on the scales of autocracy Vs nature's vision. You may think that the modern world is ruled by 'democracy' (the will of the people), but look around you - the will of the people is fragmented, self-indulgent and dependent on being told what to do. The structures in place ranging from religions to political institutions tell you what to think, tell you who you are and extend the hand of 'support' for you to depend on the Saturnian structure you inhabit.

The deeper esoteric concept of a 'Father' who guides and teaches through discipline and containment (the square) is not in itself 'bad' .. but unfortunately this force became a tool of the misguided who saw the advantage for themselves at the expense of the accepting 'children'.

It is convenient for the mass of humanity to breeze along inside the square cradle of any political or religious system set up for them. People are born into the structure, they fit in and use it to get what they want and generally do what they want (as the structure protects them). To understand what people are living in one has to understand that the 'persona' of Saturnian Rule over the past few thousand years is the psychic persona of every individual mind of those living within the square ruled by Saturn's personality.

Rigid Saturnian religious and political systems are the structures created to bring about the 'Coup d'état of Human Intelligence' on this planet. There is one problem for those wielding the 'wand' of Saturn's magic. The Celtic Druids are not the force behind the wielding of the 'magic wand' of the current world paradigm .. The Gauls, the Gaels, the Vikings and the Picts did not give their power to the Romans, and the Celts did not have 'Druids'. Long before the Romans colonized Europe the Celtic seers buried artifacts the Romans were after, they hid what they knew rather than use it to fight the approaching wave.

People today know nothing about the Celts, other than the views expressed by the early Greeks and Romans. The Celts left behind no written record of their cultures. The Picts and the Celts inhabited another paradigm, which is evidence enough that they were not followers of 'Saturn'. The square of restriction is all about documenting history [His-Story] in male-hierarchical linear fashion. The severe 'teacher' wearing his square black cap and waving his wooden teaching stick at a class of followers is within the paradigm of the black square. It is a male hirearchy based on violence, fear and autocratic rule.

As the world paradigm changed to autocratic rule the stories written down had to conform to the structure and support the rigid system image of the 'ruling paradigm' - explaining (describing) the ancient world in those terms. Written accounts of the Celts and the Gauls are structured to fit into the world view of the Saturnian paradigm: The Greek/Roman Empire .. which still exists today.

The structure that grew out of the Saturnian tree was one that does not listen it tells, it does not hear it speaks, it does not see it knows .. and to pour that psychological concrete into the minds of the human populations the priests of the current paradigm had to eliminate the 'seers' .. therefore, the written world history has been an accumulated war on the seers. You are not going to read anything from the early Greeks and Romans about how things really were, because the world of the seer is what they set out to destroy. The idea of powerful shamans and Celtic druids ruling primitive barbaric cultures fits the ideology of the linear paradigm colonizing the world today.

Before their culture was destroyed Celtic people were woven together in art, lifestyle, observation of nature - in which the SEER was the GUIDE .. not one autocratic ruler .. not a human personality .. they were not following the rule of a physical male/female leader. The SEER was Cernunnos (spirit of the woods, birds, animals and trees). The Celtic artists, tool makers, warriors, builders, food gatherers and story tellers all had to have direct connection to THE SEER .. inside - not outside. It shows in surviving artifacts, a connection to the inner seer - the guidance - of the spirit / to see the unseen.

The Roman Saturnian Empire and the Roman Catholic Empire were not going to allow written accounts of whole tribes of barbarians successfully applying a living non-structured connection to their spirit guides, spirit guardians and the SEER (in this case Cernunnos). The whole concept of anyone having a direct connection to the spirit-that-lives-in-all-things had to be eliminated, the people exterminated and the children indoctrinated. In the same fashion the early Gnostic texts had to be destroyed to create a culture where: Saturn (the state) speaks, you (the people) listen to an outside authority.

The Coup d'état of Human Intelligence lay in the destruction of the artistic mind, of the seeing mind, the destruction of out-of-the-box innovations (Tesla style) .. essentially the part of the human mind that can provide wide ranging solutions to the kind of disaster we now see hitting the Gulf of Mexico. For example, Hemp fibers could be used as part of the cleanup but growing Industrial Hemp, used for thousands of years by mankind, is illegal. There are suggestions to use sawdust to absorb the oil spill [just kill a few trees] .. just stop and think about this: Countries can destroy the planet endlessly cutting down forests, and farmers cannot grow Industrial Hemp .. in planetary terms what is more 'criminal'? Destroying the Earth's forests or growing Hemp for its fibers!

This is what I mean by a 'Coup d'état of Human Intelligence'.

The people on this planet - the mind-set needed to bring innovative solutions as the archaic system breaks down at every level - those people are the same people the system spent the last two thousand years trying to destroy. The real enemy of the ruling-elite is INTELLIGENCE. The old system cannot exist where intelligence flourishes. Without intelligence there are no solutions to this mess. Without intelligence there are no answers to a falling apart archaic system. The higher mind - the higher intelligence of mankind does have ways to clean up this horrible mess .. but the system in place is at odds with the higher-mind.

It is not only about growing Hemp and using those plant fibers to fuel the future in an intelligent way. Humans can come out of this systematic nightmare and apply their minds to creating astonishing innovations far beyond anything we see happening today. We don't need electricity and electrical power generating systems, conducting energy through wires and pressing circuits into an electronic main-board.

You can take a piece of obsidian, program everything you need into that stone and get it to interact with the human mind in the way needed to support man's journey on and off this planet. That is what the mushrooms, trees and plants are .. they are organic encoded systems with universal patterns encoded into their circuits. Our early ancestors knew how to access those codes .. they did not need to build main-boards and manufacture structures. The human mind is created to do all that on its own - to interact with its 'environment' .. Figure out for yourself what the 'environment' actually is.

Update: BP Ordered Shortcut Day of Blast