Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lindsey Williams & Richard Hoagland On Gulf Oil Disaster

I have continued to research the Gulf Oil Disaster as it becomes clear the situation under the ocean is totally out of control heading for a disaster of catastrophic proportions. Not only are dangerous hydrocarbon gases blowing out the the ocean - but high concentrations of Benzine, Hydrogen Sulphide and Methaline chloride are billowing out into the atmosphere from under the ocean.

Richard Hoagland CoastToCoast Gulf Spill 15June2010 01
Richard Hoagland CoastToCoast Gulf Spill 15June2010 02

Gas Bubble Growing Under the Ocean Floor

British Petrolium were warned by Geologists years before the planned deep water drilling under the Gulf (and Richard Hoagland suggests that BP were drilling at 22,500 feet), that this type of deep water drilling has no "safety precautions at those depths".

Expert Geologists were aware that the strata 'formations' under the Gulf probably could not stand the release pressures of 100,000 pounds per square inch [100,000 PSI] .. as the well blew out mud flow, oil and gas under intense pressure - at around 100,000 PSI - is now wearing down the drill pipe in the process.

Lindsey Williams told Jeff Rense the oil gushing out into the Gulf is not the real danger! Volatile organic compounds coming out with the oil are much more dangerous. For example, 'benzine' .. the safety level of benzine [parts per billion] is ZERO (=0) and is currently being measured in the Gulf at 3,400 ppb. In the Interviews you will hear that Benzine and Methaline chloride - the safe levels 61 parts per billion (ppb) - are currently measured in the Gulf at 3,000/3,400 ppb.

I cannot type so fast - but Lindsey Williams says: "The black oil in the water of the Gulf of Mexico is not the greatest danger .. What comes out with that oil gusher .. scares the daylights out of me .. Most people think that the only thing that comes out of an oil well is oil. It will depend on the particular oil field what comes out with that oil... People are breathing toxic flammable items called volatile organic compounds .."

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill - Jeff Rense / Lindsey Williams 1/4

The Russians were the first to drill 'Super Deep Oil Wells' on land, and in the process they discovered that OIL is not a 'fossil fuel' formed out of rotting trees - but that oil is Abiotic

What Lindsey Williams tells Alex Jones of Prison Planet is that the shallow oil fields in Saudi Arabia have a lesser (manageable) drilling pressure because these wells are a strata of less pressure fed by deeper and more powerful Abiotic mega oil wells of unimaginable pressures.

You would have to take time to listen to and research the information being shared by Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones and Jeff Rense to understand the situation. Shallow well head pressures are usually 1,500 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Sources have said the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well had a well head pressure of 20,000 to 70,000 PSI .. the fail-safe valve was damaged, was warped and had to be changed. Lindsey Williams source said that the damaged valve was left in place and the blowback pressure blew spewing oil, gas and many other toxic compounds into the Gulf of Mexico ..

Fractures have formed on the seabed where, under pressure, oil and gas are seeping out of those fractures for 20 miles. Lindsey Williams is saying that the substances coming out with the oil are more dangerous to the fish, sea creatures and humans on the coast than the black oil. The gases are extremely dangerous and no amount of 'chemical dispersants' will change the levels of those volatile compounds pouring into the atmospheric weather system of the Gulf.

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The Russians claim to have successfully closed leaking gas and oil wells using Atomic blasts (on land) .. In 1963 one of the Soviet Union gas locations was badly drilled and the broken gas well burned for three years until they closed the well using an underground nuclear explosion.

Lindsey Williams reports that BP hit a deep strata of mega-oil at such pressure they could not control it - a well head pressure of between 20,000 to 70,000 per square inch - and the danger is they could potentially fracture the deep ocean strata layers using an atomic explosion to attempt to seal the well.

The impression I get is that shallow oil wells are lower pressure wells which are filled from deeper immense pressure oil wells of massive proportions. That oil is not a fossil fuel and is as the Native People said: "The Blood of The Earth". Corporations think they have the technology to drill into the deep mega-wells .. and profit from those resources .. but as we see the deeper wells are too powerful and too dangerous to contain.