Saturday, June 19, 2010

Black Rain Prophecy (Siantan Dubha)

The Brahan Seer [Coinneach Odhar]: "The ancient proprietors of the soil shall give place to strange merchant proprietors, and the whole Highlands will become one huge deer forest; the whole country will be so utterly desolated and depopulated that the crow of a cock shall not be heard north of Druim-Uachdair; the people will emigrate to Islands now unknown, but which shall yet be discovered in the boundless oceans, after which the deer and other wild animals in the huge wilderness shall be exterminated and drowned by horrid black rains (siantan dubha). The people will then return and take undisturbed possession of the lands of their ancestors."

This prophecy of the Seer began: The day will come when the jaw-bone of the big sheep, or 'caoirich mhora,' will put the plough on the rafters (air an aradh); when sheep shall become so numerous that the bleating of the one shall be heard by the other from Conchra in Lochalsh to Bun-da-Loch in Kintail they shall be at their height in price, and henceforth will go back and deteriorate, until they disappear altogether, and be so thoroughly forgotten that a man finding the jaw-bone of a sheep in a cairn, will not recognise it, or be able to tell what animal it belonged to.

During the Highland Clearances the small number of people left behind hung 'the plough on the rafters' when they were given sheep to farm by their new masters, the landowners, the ruling elite appointed by the King of England. The 'ancient proprietors of the soil' are the Highlanders cleared from the land in Scotland, 1790 - 1845, and the 'strange merchant proprietors' are the English colonizers of the Highlands who took over and began producing for profit.

"To this day, the population in the Scottish Highlands is sparse and the culture is diluted, and there are many more sheep than people." The chronology of the Highland Clearances was that people were removed from the land and sheep replaced them in the Highlands until sheep outnumbered people (that has already taken place).

To understand this prophecy, one would have to understand its historical context. The English 'elite' - the Angels, Fr. Anglais - colonized Scota (Highlands and Islands of Scotland) and took ownership of the land. The removal of the Celtic people - to be replaced by sheep - is central to the karmic issues involved and the way events play out in the 'future'.

The Brahan Seer foresaw the end of 'empire of sheep', in the Scottish Highlands - until the sheep are no more (read between the lines). I am wondering about the timing as we all wait for the 'black rain' to fall.

The early Celtic cultures were races of 'seers and visionaries', terms that would today be similar to 'Remote Viewers'. This ability was a normal part of the Celtic and Gaulic (Gaelic) way of life - people could see beyond and into the mysterious unknown, hear the voice of the Earth and understand the the Invisible Worlds and the voice of Nature.

I think it is wrong to assume that the Brahan Seer, Coinneach Odhar was talking about Scotland being drowned in a 'horrid black rain in the huge wilderness' .. because in the 1500's he said/foresaw that the people of the Highlands will travel to: As yet unknown islands discovered in the boundless ocean .. after which the deer and other wild animals in the huge wilderness shall be exterminated and drowned by horrid black rains (siantan dubha) .. all this from a man who lived around 1577. I have to add that the Brahan Seer would not describe the Highlands of Scotland as a 'huge wilderness'. Go do you own research ..

I began to look at the Seer's prophecy in more detail after reading reports that hurricanes could pick up the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and throw thick 'black rain' onto parts of the Gulf coast where the hurricane lands .. and reading this I thought about the 'black rain' prophecy of the Brahan Seer .. I imagine the timeline and occurrences would expand over many years and that he had the ability to convey key points, like the key to a map.

The Brahan Seer says last of all, ".. the people will return to the land of their ancestors." If the land of their ancestors (Scotland) was destroyed by a horrid black rain why would people return there? I think it is more likely they would return because the 'black rains' take place in the 'unknown islands' in the oceans that he saw the Scots sail to .. that was America! Some Highlanders left their ancestral homeland to escape the tyranny of their English overlords who had driven them into poverty and into slavery. The rest were forcibly removed from the Highlands and herded like cattle onto ships - to be shipped off to the Americas.

Having totally destroyed the Celtic culture and way of life (having taken possession of their land) - the same people who exterminated communities in Scotland and Ireland have just opened a gaping hole in the middle of the ocean, where a volcano of oil and gas is exploding out at high pressure and the whole coast is under threat to be destroyed. I view this as 'karmic', because hundreds of years later the same ugly brutal greedy mind is now drilling into the Gulf of Mexico, and the unfolding drama is a genetic 'nightmare memory' .. here we go again.

The problem with people on Earth today is that very few people access their genetic memory, listen to it, activate it and understand the power and the vision it gives them. Since the Roman Empire there has been an ongoing displacement or removal of people from their inner knowing. Tradition does not show you who you are and where you come from. Tradition divides you from the sensitive mind that shows you all things. This sensitivity is encoded into the human form and is activated by the spirit intelligence inhabiting the human vehicle.

Could hurricane winds pick up the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico together with the toxic dispersant(s) British Petroleum are spraying under and on top of the water, to rain that mixture down on the rest of the world? I am sure that is a horrible possibility/probability. The oceans are the lungs of the planet. Is part of the war against mankind using the oceans to depopulate the planet using a hidden 'accident clause'? Otherwise, why are these corporations using highly toxic dispersants already banned in Europe? Good luck everyone!! Here we go again!!