Thursday, July 09, 2009

Operation Trojan Horse

Okay! I cannot let this pass... Not the passing of Ufologist John Keel... but the passing of the genetically deteriorating brain created by thought. This one is not for John - this one is for us '- )

I was born into a Celtic village that no longer exists. I was a child out of time. A child of the Earth, a refugee from thousands of years of cultural genocide. I was born into a stagnant pool, where the mind of man was the biggest pollutant, seeping toxic waste [fear].

I was born a stranger in a strange land, looking at the stars and wondering where I took the wrong turn ?? Why were humans killing each other? Why were people starving? What was rich and what was poor- a totally alien concept to me as a young child (... it still is).

The global culture was so proud of itself: "Hey! We sent a man to the moon!!"

Hey! Then how did you miss the strange lights in the sky? How did you miss the mystery lights in the oceans? How did you miss the signals of the Ancestors, that all your modern religions sentenced my forefathers/mothers to death for? Ooops!!

The Ufo phenomenon is not new, the lights are not technical/mechanical lights in the sky. This mysterious phenomenon has been happening for tens of thousands of years, and vaccines don't stop everyone from seeing them...

I read John Keel's "Operation Trojan Horse" when I was 15 years old. A friend gave me the book when I mentioned that strange and unidentified lights hovered and floated effortlessly in the skies above our house. There was even a giant floating pyramid (not a triangle), that my cat sat watching through the window one night. Pyramids and cats [get it?].

I looked at the cat and I looked at the floating pyramid... I looked again at the cat and I looked at the floating pyramid light. Sort of like: You can see that? Well, it was more powerful than that. There seemed to be a communication and a connection, but then I always thought animals are more intelligent than humans when it comes to the unknown.

Humans are good at killing and cutting things up. Humans are good at cooperating to increase their dominance of the earth, and gain mastery of certain forms of technical power. They can utilise fire and destruction... But animals love the earth, and are good at living in balance with the earth.

Perhaps John Keel knew and understood things about Mothman that he never wrote? It took me until now to understand what John Keel was saying in Operation Trojan Horse. At first sight it seems like he is talking about aliens, lights in the skies and UFOs... But on reflection he was talking about us. We are Operation Trojan Horse, and the insight is so subtle that it stands together with Kubick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and Jiddu Krishnamurti's Notebook ...

John Keel flew under the radar all his life, and he is still flying undetected under the radar - well done John!! - ZenSu

Update July 13 2009: The Telegraph ran with the pass straight down left field... Our Haunted Planet

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