Monday, July 13, 2009

Blame It On El Nino

If you look into this and research "El Nino", things could get confusing and not make much sense. Which, maybe is the way it is supposed to go. Human beings on this planet do not pay attention to their surroundings and the weather. Therefore, people rely on being told what the problem is by "experts", when a problem arises.

Today, July 13, the problem is/will be El Nino. It's going to cause drought! No flooding! Sorry! There will be stronger Mid-Atlantic storms. No! Less storms! Sorry! They said "weakening" (maybe). It's hard to tell... We have to watch and keep watching.

Hey! Maybe this psi-media push (a take on sci-fi/science fiction) is all just a big distraction from people figuring out that something is not right with the earth, temperatures, with local and national weather... and that climate change is a magnetic phenomenon. Maybe El Nino is an indicator for Magnetic flux, in the sun - effecting planets in the Solar System... Sorry! I got carried away there...

If you are an idiot like me you will want to find out for yourself what this powerful mysterious El Nino manipulator of our stable/friendly weather is... The scientific community agree to disagree on this lurking in the oceans climatic-monster. It reminds me of stories where the dragon attacks a village every-so-often, but no one in the village knows when the dragon will appear (again).

Our psi-experts in the real world agree that El Nino appears - warming the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean - every 3 to 7 years. No! Changes appear every 3 to 6 years... " Sorry, El Nino appears every 2 to 5 years. It's confusing, because it appears when it wants to, but that is not scientific and so lets agree on all those appearances for the sake of science !!

The Phenomenon
The next thing to note is that El Nino is widely described by the scientific community as A PHENOMENON !! Wow! They use that word? Yes, they sure do. El Nino is a phenomenon... Maybe that word alone explains why it appears (like the dragon in the story books) every 3 to 7 - no 3 to 8 - no wait, every 2 to 5 years... Maybe the story book dragon was based on El Nino.

A phenomenon means: something that appears, and can be perceived by the senses but it is unusual. It appears and you have to deal with it... it's a phenomenon! We can't explain it, but it is there '- ). The media appear confused about what the predictions are: "Weather Forecasters Warn of Drought Risk" -or- "Drought Relief May Be On The Way"... "El Nino Forms In Pacific: May Limit Atlantic Storms" -or- "New Type of El Nino Could Mean More Hurricanes Make Landfall"...

It is obvious that El Nino can be confusing to the casual viewer, and now we have a new type of El Nino to confuse us even more... So, what is this new type of El Nino? Why is it there? Who knows that is it new?

The new version of El Nino is: El Nino Modoki... Are you still with me? Today's Pscientists claim that it is similar but different. I did not make this up '- ) The new version of El Nino is called: "El Nino Modoki, which in Japanese means similar, but different." AccuWeather

That is easy to understand: A crow is similar to an eagle, but different. The Earth is similar to Mars, but different. A woman is similar to a man, but different. It's not too technical.

In Gaelic this translates to mean: "Ainm atá chomh gar dó i gcosúlacht gur dóigh dó a bheith ina thrúig meabhail nó ina chúis mearbhaill." - A name so nearly resembling another as to be likely to deceive or cause confusion.

If you want to appear intelligent you have to agree with the majority opinion that the Emperor has clothes even when he appears naked. Therefore everyone's talking point this year will be that El Nino is causing climate abnormalities between now and 2010. Some researchers disagree...

Hey! But let's get serious! What media outlet is going to try and read: "There is a correlation between Solar Sun spot cycles and El Niño events. Every year following a minimum number of solar sun spots is an el niño year. The el niño events also happen at other times in between these 11 year cycles, but every solar minimum is associated with an el niño event. Since the el niño event happens on the average about every 6 years the sun spots predict about half of them." A Correlation Between Sun Spot Cycles and El Niño

We just experienced a Deep Solar Minimum and now we see an El Nino forming...

My own question is... What changes air and ocean current flow, what influences ocean temperatures, precipitation, cloud formation, climate variations? Is El Nino a physical observable phenomenon indicating an unseen, unobservable background variation in the earth's magnetic field? Are we chasing observable shadows, and not understanding the dynamics behind our environment and our planet?