Monday, July 20, 2009

Invisible Worlds of Our Ancestors

Crop Circle
As a young child I saw in dreams the troubled times we now live in. In these dreams I saw another world presence, totally shut out of the lives of people on this planet. In some ways, this pictured Crop Circle drawn onto the fields of Wiltshire, represents the merging of realities and the emerging missing piece!

Late July Crop Circle Martinsell Hill,
copyright Olivier Morel (WCCSG)

The invisible worlds were visible to our ancestors...

There are two factors here that one has to be aware of. When you can see that which is hidden, you can be aware of influence, manipulation and deception. That is the negative aspect of hidden forces. Our ancestors would defeat those influences from within. They built up psychic/spirit immune system by embodying frequencies of integrity, honesty and courage. You do not lie, cheat and deceive people. You do not lie to yourself. This is very important to the time we are now entering.

We are going to see extremes of behaviour ranging from heroic to the lowest form of corruption and selfishness. Entering our world, unseen by most of the people on the earth, the "feminine" force is altering the background frequency that holds our physical reality together.

In the dreams I had as a child I was shown that it would be this unseen mystical force that would trigger the falling apart of everything corrupt. It would destroy the network of lies and deceptions. This heavy-lead-male force inhabiting the planet cannot not hold itself together inside something so fragile, so pure and innocent.

We are moving out of an age defined by "father and son" and we are moving into an age defined by "mother and child". These are only archetypes or templates upon which physical matter organises its dominant reality. Therefore, mother (the womb) and child (birth) encompasses the birth of male and female in balance, as well as sharing, and nurturing that which is growing.

The feminine does not mean women - as there are currently many women who exhibit extreme heavy-lead-male attributes, and there are many men who exhibit gentle, caring, nurturing feminine attributes. There can be a woman's body and inside is a man. You can have a man's body and inside there is a woman.

The one thing we lost over the past 12,000 years is the True Male Force, in balance, in a state of love and respect for himself, for women and children, for animals, respect for the oceans and for the planet he lives on. The male shares this planet with many other life forms, and these life forms are part of him.

We lost the inwardly integrated male force in balance with himself and in balance with the earth. This new era is part of nurturing and growing that inwardly balanced male plant on the planet in this coming time.

The problems we face add up to total exhaustion and degradation of the physical environment, heading to a total collapse by 2050. Some of the fastest growing populations will face severe water shortages, loss of healthy natural habitat, increasing periods of drought, unexpected storms and devastating floods.

If you imagine a family where half are made of spirit (light) and half are made of dense physical matter. Where all parts of this family live (in spirit) beyond time and beyond space. There are times when some of the family live in physical matter, where they experience life on planets in a universe of stars. What separated them from seeing each other?

Invisible Worlds of Our Ancestors
There were psychic wars on earth many ages ago. During those wars people turned on each other. There was a great madness where family turned on each other, and friends turned on each other. This bond in the negative got real vicious and there was a lot of resentment and jealousy. There was a big struggle for power on earth. Everything got fragmented and balance was destroyed.

In this time the bridge between the physical worlds and the spirit worlds was open, and people could easily cross between the dense physical world into the lighter spirit world and back. People (then) knew that the two worlds existed side by side and were very close.

The fighting between the earth people caused a lot of shaking across the bridge connecting the physical worlds and the spirit worlds. The wars that were building began to upset the people of spirit. So a greater force stepped in and shut the door between the two worlds, and this force told all people to sort it out for themselves. That no one was going to come in and stop them fighting, so if they wanted to destroy each other then, go ahead... Only they would not be allowed to destroy the earth. If the people on earth crossed a certain line then they would be destroyed and all would be peace again (without them).

If your heart is true and you look across that broken bridge, you can still see your true spirit looking back at you... and if you listen with your heart you can hear that spirit voice and understand its guidance.