Friday, July 24, 2009

The Neodymium Wars

The smallest things in life can often have the biggest impact on the world. The Neodym wars are happening now, unseen, undetected hardly noticed by the masses who depend on this mineral for their hi-tech existence. As well hidden as an underground base with secret entrances, the Neodymium mineral [Nd] is at the heart of all our future woes...

Sound too dramatic?

Neodymium is a rare metal whose production is essential to the future of all hi-tech nations. China produces 97 percent of the world's output of Neodymium - an essential component of hi-tech industries. In 2007 China began cutting back its exports exports, as they want to develop their own permanent magnet industry. As a result Neodymium prices increased from 7 U.S. dollars a kilo to 60 dollars a kilo,during that time.

Neodymium today generates more than 25% of the gross revenues from all rare earth dependent end-use products being manufactured. It is projected that by 2014 this figure will be at least 50%. Economically then it is clearly the most valuable and the most important rare earth metal. Ninja Neodymium Investors

When you talk about "clean energy" you talk about Neodymium oxide and high powered Neodym magnets: "Neodymium magnets have a magnetic force nine times stronger than conventional magnets." Business Mirror

At the momment China supplies most of the world’s Neodymium oxide - a necessary component in Prius motors and wind turbines. Although, it is the second most common rare earth element within the earth’s crust, China currently dominates the production and the supply of magnets.

If the technological world would switch from oil to batteries dependent on Neodymium oxide? How realistic is this? Pumping oil is one thing, you can pump it into barrels, but mining is another matter. Its another dependence industry all the way down the line. I do not see this kind of manufacture as the answer to the world's energy problems...

Clean Energies Dirty Little Secret - Mountain Pass’s mine contains a rare-earth ore that yields neodymium, the pixie dust of green tech—necessary for the lightweight permanent magnets that make Prius motors zoom and for the generators that give wind turbines their electrical buzz. In fact, if we are going to make even a few million of the hybrid and electric cars that are supposed to help rescue the planet from global warming, we will need to double production of neodymium in short order.

This form of technology keeps us dependent on a central-energy-supplier, rather than have the energy being generated from within the system. Intelligence would innovate and develop a closed power unit. At present we use open power units: power (energy) has to be injected and stored, and through use the energy goes out and is lost. The dependence system is add energy, use it and lose it - go back to the supplier for more.

With a closed energy system, you would generate the power from within the unit and there would be no loss. It would be self-perpetuating. One would not rely on an open system of creator/supplier and loss (creating demand). These are not current technical terms, they are terms I am using to describe another type of energy regeneration within a self-perpetuating unit.

The whole dependence system being set up around the mining, manufacture and supply of Neodymium oxide could lead to conflict(s), power struggle(s), supply problems, technological insecurity. It just sounds like a very heavy process to go through to create "clean energy"...