Friday, April 18, 2008

Causes of Ancient Deforestation

"Wood was one of the most sought-after commodities in the Ancient World, for everything from firewood to silver-mining."

As we approach 2011 - 2012 - 2013, there is a growing chaos in the world that appears to be unstoppable. Populations, in an over populated world, are increasing dramatically. This is really because women are not respected on this planet. Free women to educate themselves and the population figures would drop dramatically.

On the earth today there are increasing sea levels, increasing demand for the earth's resources, increasing inflation, a rapid increase in global populations and an increase in poverty. To counterbalance this (as all things in cosmos are balanced in duality), there is a decrease in ice-flows, a decrease in mountain glaciers, a decrease in availible resources. All things are balanced, even when this seems not to be the case.

Human beings (the manifesting souls) have been through these kinds of crisis again and again. We have experienced the fall of Rome, the fall of Greece, the fall of Egypt, the fall of Atlantis and the fall of Mars. Only, most people have forgotten this fact. The current global drama appears to be new, just one of those things, an event of spontaneous uprising. Really this is not so new.

Perhaps a few people realise that they have observed (lived through) these kinds of situations before. So, what is the point of this? An intelligent species (such as crows, eagles, antelope, tigers, dolphins and whales) would draw on the genetic memory to create solutions (adapting to change). Add to this the soul awareness connection and maybe people can create the future without reliving the past.

The Role of Deforestation in the Fall of Rome
From the time that Octavian became Caesar Augustus in 27 BC, the Roman Empire dominated the Mediterranean world for about 500 years. The Emperors had absolute control over the lives of as many as 70 million people - from Hadrian's Wall in Britain to the Euphrates River in what is now Iraq.

The Roman legions were the largest and most powerful military the world had ever known, and peace and prosperity reigned without interruption for centuries at a time. The famous historian Edward Gibbon describes this as the best time to be alive in the entire history of the world. Yet in 476 AD the last emperor, Romulus Augustulus, was removed from power at the whim of the barbarian general Odovacer. What events led the most powerful empire in the world to its dramatic collapse?

The question of the fall of the Roman Empire has been debated for 1500 years, but new evidence suggests that the wealth and prosperity of Rome may have been the cause of its own downfall. According to a new theory, environmental damage, and particularly deforestation, to meet the needs of the luxurious elite caused a whole host of problems eventually weakening the Empire to the point that it could no longer stand.

Here are a few of the most prominent and important causes of deforestation: Building With Wood

The Fall of the Roman Empire
So, what was the end result of this all? In essence, at the same time as neighbouring barbarian tribes became more powerful and organised, Rome became a starving parasite which had sucked its land dry. Population began to decrease, and with a worthless coinage and empty treasury there was no way to pay the army. Eventually, in 376 AD, there was no longer any way to keep the barbarians out, and the borders were overrun by a series of invasions. 476 is the year usually given as the official fall of Rome - but it was nothing but an empty shell for many decades before that, a victim of its own rapacious hunger and unwillingness to develop sustainable systems. As the great Roman orator Cicero said in a speech which no one apparently heeded:

serit arbores quae alteri seculo prosint
'He plants trees so that another age may profit'.