Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dormant Volcano Erupts - Chile

Long before it became popular to talk about "Global Warming" and the effects of a changing weather system, when no one (including scientists) were looking at this, people laughed when we talked about the coming changes. As a child I would tell people that there are really tough times coming, because I saw them happening down on the earth from way up high. These scenarios were rather detailed and just covered the whole planet. Then there was another angle, which was to avoid wars and no use of nuclear weapons in that time, because that is where the stress is pushing countries who want to take control of the earth's resources. The problem is everyone is consuming the planet at a rate that cannot be sustained and people want to hold onto their big lifestyles as the Titanic sinks.

Usually volcanos give warning signs, and this one simply erupted sending ash into neighbouring Argentina. ...No! It is not just going to be one volcano spewing ash into the atmosphere of planet earth over the next phase.

A volcano in southern Chile has awoken for the first time in recorded history, spewing a massive billow of ash that was visible as far away as Puerto Montt, some 150 kilometres to the north. The 950-meter Chaitén Volcano, which lies approximately 10 kilometers from a town of the same name (Region X), began erupting early Friday morning. Smoke and ash from the eruption has made transit along Route 7 impossible, isolating Chaitén’s approximately 7,000 residents. Chaitén is a small coastal town located directly opposite the island of Chiloé. Patagonia Times

Experts estimate that Chaiten last erupted at least 9,000 years ago.

"Weather patterns will change dramatically all over the world. The winter months will be colder and in many areas wetter. The ocean currents will be changing, and the magnetic fields of the Earth will be moved about. The animals on the land and in the sea will be dying off in great numbers..." - Mother Mary

"The 1990s will be hard because the [Earth] changes will be accelerating. Major changes will come to some areas suddenly, and people will be without food, water, or gas for their cars." - Sun Bear