Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Future Universal Banking Practices

"Once I was in Victoria, and I saw a very large house. They told me it was a bank and that the white men place their money there to be taken care of, and that by and by they got it back with interest.

"We are Indians and we have no such bank; but when we have plenty of money or blankets, we give them away to other chiefs and people, and by and by they return them with interest, and our hearts feel good.

"...Our way of giving is our bank."

- Maquinna, Nootka Chief

Monday, March 30th 1778. Upon seeing Cook's ship, Chief Maquinna told his people "to go out ... and try to understand what these people wanted and what they are after."

Pluto In Capricorn: The Good, The Bad, Even Worse And Redemption