Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rising Sea Levels

People may find this strange, but I have learned that observing nature directly and carefully is the way to understand global events. All living things are part of the web of life. So, when you observe the animals, trees and the local weather the whole world is mirrored in those observations.

As a child I would observe the Curlews and the cormorants in the North West Highlands of Scotland. Wherever I go I watch the birds, the animals, the local plants and all aspects of nature unfolding and adapting to a changing world.

Over the past few months I began to notice the arrival of cormorants and curlews in the middle of South Germany. These birds were not living in this area until recently. In fact, I have noticed an increased arrival of many species of non-native birds from all over the world. The strongest presence are water loving birds.

I began to wonder what would happen to this area if a rise in sea levels pushed the rivers to greatly overflow. In fact, what if there would be a much greater expansion of marshes and water catch areas due to pushing the water on land deeper into the continents due to a drastic rise in world sea levels.

Is it possible that birds and animals would know or sense, due to some kind of electromagnetic change in the earth's atmospheric field, that current land areas would be water? Does the consciousness of the earth communicate with the creatures living on this planet? Those life forms who adapt to change survive. Even more interesting, what if the birds an animals sense change ahead of time?

Sea Level Rise and the Future of the Netherlands
As an economically and socially advanced nation, the Netherlands is a low-lying nation, with a sophisticated agricultural sector and high population density. Half of the country lies below 1 meter above sea level, with an eighth of the country lying below sea level. Without an extensive network of dams, dykes and dunes, the Netherlands would be especially prone to flooding. As a predicted outcome of Global Climate Change, sea level rise could impact the Netherlands drastically, leading to social and economic devastation.

Is The Netherlands Europe's Bangladesh?

"What they found are distinctive features indicating that the valley formed in a catastrophic flooding event, rather than through normal fluvial erosion." - Megafloods