Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Universal Harmonic

The moon is rising over Germany (23:20) and the eclipse has now passed us, and yet the effect of this subtle effortless cycle has not ended. An eclipse of the sun and an eclipse of the moon reminds us of the precise geometry behind the movements of the planets (our cosmos).

It fascinates me to consider that the same source which moves the cycles of the seasons also moves the sun, the solar system, the stars, planets, galaxies and the whole universe. If you stop to consider the power behind the mystery that moves the whole universe in absolute syncronistiy, it can only inspire us to wonder what power can move all that is and yet remain unseen.

Smaller life forms on planet earth use extreme force to attain the smallest effect, and if you observe the way science organises its exaggerated use of force to achieve the minimum of movement and effect, then you have to wonder how the universe moves billions of Galaxies and touches our lives without destroying our environment. I have observed nature all my life. As a small child I spent hours studying every growing thing. I would stare at cherry blossoms opening in the braches of trees, and the seed of maple trees and beech trees springing out of the ground.

If you stop to consider that the same force that moves galaxies is the force that moves the smallest seed to germinate and grow, then it also brings the question: What are we doing? Human beings have also grown out of and are supported by this mysterious force. Why then do humans not live by the subtle laws of this movement without resistence? Why do we build explosive and destructive energy, rather than build energy units that emulate the movement of the moon and the stars?

As I watch the moon rising, I see a gigantic body capable of crashing to earth, rising into the heavens with ease... And yet mankind creates explosive power units to fire his world which eat the resources that brings man life. If we are intelligent enough to build a dis-harmonic and highly destructive (wasteful) energy unit, then we are also capable of inventing an energy unit that follows universal laws.

I will later add links that support this observation. It is the human mind and the state of the human mind that either drags us down or draws us into the universal harmonic we see moving above our heads and below our feet. As above so below. This ancient wisdom applies to our energy innovations as well as our lives. As I wrote this post the moon rose effortlessly into the night sky. What is wrong with mankind that he does not follow these laws?

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