Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knowing How To Survive

On How each Spherical In-Wave (future) flows through its Wave-Center (present) and Becomes the Out-Wave (Past)

Some of my earliest memories regarding Climate Change, were in the 60's and the 70's as I observed the world around me. From the long forgotten and abandoned stone Brochs and monuments in the Highlands of Scotland, to the dried mountain river beds, it became clear that nothing on earth lasts forever.

Skara Brae is only one of many lost cultures, and we probably have not found one tenth of what once existed. The whole planet is covered in signs of change, and in signs of climate change. The fact is the climate does change, and people are now so removed from nature that changes in the climate alarm them. One only has to read Velikovsky to know that the earth has been visited by cataclysmic change in the past and it will experience such changes in the future. The only obstacle to such change is human thought.

The Egypt of today was once the land of milk and honey. The desert regions were once covered in vegetation. Rivers once flowed in areas where water today is now scarce. In my travels across the world I have often walked in dried riverbeds, where even in winter the water no longer flows. The recorded history today is a nano-blip in the overall history of mankind, and add to that the history of the earth before mankind.

There is a thing, formless yet complete. Before heaven and earth it existed. Without sound, without substance, it stands alone and unchanging. It is all-pervading and unfailing. We do not know its name, but we call it Tao. .. Being one with nature, the sage is in accord with the Tao. - Lao Tzu Ancient Eastern Philosophy

I sense that the message in the Tao is to go with the flow... No matter what, there is going to be change and the way we deal with the flow of events is equal to the art of living. Our inability to deal with the flow of events are equal to our levels of resistance. Thought is continually in resistance to change. Yet, if you study the nature of life everything around you is in a constant state of change and flux.

Life and death exists simultaneously. Rivers will change their course, rocks over time will wear down, land will rise and land will fall, people are born and people die. The sun is different today than it was a moment before. Such is life. It seems only our thoughts are obsessed with freezing events and creating a state of material permanence - although thought is incapable of that act. You only have to look around to see that we live in a profound state of change.

Rather than discussing whether changes in the sun are altering the climate, or if human activity is altering the climate - the real challenge is how we adapt. Those who adapt survive, they go with the flow. This has always been the case. It seems to be the Alchemical nature of material life to be in a constant state of flux and adaptation, transforming to the next level and altering ones state to adapt to co-exist at the next level. It is a form of planetary and universal alchemy.

“Many islands will be submerged around the world, even with 1 meter of sea-level rise,” he says. “This could include whole island nations such as the Maldives, the Marshall Islands, and the Tuvalu.” Rising carbon-dioxide levels and greenhouse warming may not only speed up the arctic melting, but it may also affect other abrupt climate shifts, Overpeck says.

“The most alarming thing is that we think global warming will act to increase the probability of abrupt climate shifts happening in the future,” he says. “It really makes sense for us to slow the rate of human-induced climate change in order to reduce the threat of one or more devastating climate surprises.”
Study of Planet Earth

The rational behind changing how we live on this planet is not a question of climate change, it is a question of not polluting the earth - period. Storms or no storms, you do not pollute the earth you live on. Storms or no storms, you do not pollute the water. Storms or no storms, you do not pollute the air. Changes to the earth's climate are coming anyway, but the question of pollution is a no brainer in terms of how we live on this planet. No one can afford to pollute their living environment (even in times of plenty).

Chaco is located at 6,200 feet in elevation. The weather in Chaco Canyon is unpredictable and can be extreme. Come prepared for all possibilites! Chaco Canyon

In isolated areas where nature makes it difficult to farm, cultivate, and where it is difficult to exist there is little sign of modern human presence. Populations gather and grow in areas of relative climate stability, where nature's clock of cycles and patterns allow for food cultivation and access to the most important supply of water. But if you go into areas like Chaco Canyon you experience a mini-version of global climate change, and it is the same in most high mountain areas.

Very few people in the world could survive in one of these areas, because people do not understand and do not pay attention to nature. You can go into the mountains of Glencoe, Scotland when the skies are blue and the sun is shining and within minutes be faced with a rapidly approaching storm. It is often the case that in isolated areas of the planet the natural environment can change dramatically from one moment to the next. These are very volatile environments.

What seems to be happening is that this massive flux in nature's energy is moving into highly populated areas, where people are not used to these kinds of changes. Humans have built large towns and cities to accomodate their lifestyles, and these places are not suitable for large and unexpected swings in climate. Towns and cities do not adapt well to extremes in weather. Too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet bring high levels of discomfort to the concrete jungles. Therefore alterations in the climate are leading to high levels of alarm. People are no longer a part of nature.

Since I was a child I have been telling people that big changes are coming, not because I read books or prophecies, but because I had dreams and for some reason I knew these dreams to be true. The Tsunami that hit across Asia is nothing compared to the tidal waves I saw engulfing high-rise cities. In many places a wall of water is coming our way. That in itself is not a reason to change. The reason to change is intelligent love of our planet.

I never associated my dreams with a reason to love the planet earth. I did not think: I had better love the earth because a wall of water is coming. In times of abundance just as in times of change you love the planet you live on. You don't have a reason for loving the earth, you just love the earth and act responsibly towards the planet you live on. Love and respect are heart-felt and not rationally motivated. This is the biggest problem that humans have. Very few people on this planet know how to feel gratitude in the most extreme weather. This is only something you learn if you love nature. Often, people caught unexpectedly in a torrential downpour will inevitably laugh - when nature catches us out...

I do not feel that the problems facing us are about climate change, but about our attitude and the need for a climate change in attitude to meet the climate change of the earth. Because the changes are coming whether we can deal with it or not. What these changes mean is that the things we take for granted can no longer be taken for granted. It is not a major disaster, it is a challenge to change. Those of us who change will adapt, and those who do not change will suffer from the global tsunami that demands us to adapt to the earth (rather than the other way round).

If you take a tent out into the mountains, then you are sitting right in the middle of climate change, because there is a very fine line between a tent and the surrounding weather. When this extreme comes into the fortresses of our towns and cities people panic. It is a fact of nature that when water supplies dwindle communities face problems. Solution oriented communities will adapt to those changes. The first rule of wilderness survival is: "Don't panic" (when you are lost). Children of The Earth