Sunday, March 11, 2007

Soldiers Arrive & Buddha Boy Leaves

The Nepal Buddha Boy walked away from the place he was meditating on March 11 2006. He re-appeared again on December 25 2006 and began meditating at a new location. A few weeks ago, I read a short report saying that Nepalese soldiers were guarding the meditation area of Ram Bahadur Bomjan. They claimed the soldiers were guarding him from sunset to sunrise. The strange thing is that since the soldiers have incorporated their presence into the area where he is meditating, the Buddha Boy has walked away again, as from March 8 2007.

A Nepalese teenager hailed as a reincarnation of the Buddha has vanished for a second time in southern Nepal, a member of his support committee said Saturday. Ram Bahadur Bomjam, 17, who shot to fame in 2005 when his supporters said he had begun a meditation session that would go on uninterrupted for years, went missing on Thursday night, the committee member said.

"He suddenly disappeared from his meditating site in the jungle of Bara," said Raju Shah, a member of the committee set up after the boy became a local media sensation. "He told his priest Indra Lama that he would meditate somewhere in other undisclosed locations."

Bamjon left the site late on Thursday, said a police officer in Jijgadh, 150 km southeast of Kathmandu. "He quietly left the site around midnight on Thursday. Earlier that night he had told his attendants that he would move to a new location for meditation," Rameshwar Yadav said.

Meditating For Peace

Nepal - March 2007 More than 500 kids have died in Nepal's war. Those survived are homeless and orphans. View however you like about this Nepali Boy, but he has become an inspiration for many. Although its not clear what motivated him to do this, but his followers claim that his eternal voices had been calling... "There is war in my land, Peace should prevail..."

Peace Loving Lord Buddha's life wasn't any different. Prince Buddha, was confined to his own world, the royal palace, He never saw the outside world. On an ordinary day, he escaped his palace to see the real world. He saw people's poverty, death, hunger and sickness and sufferings, something that he never knew could exist in this world. He abandoned his luxurious life, wife and his kids, then spent years in the jungle meditating under a tree. Later he received enlightenment.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon's followers regard him as the reincarnation of Buddha. The story is similar except Ram Bahadur belongs to a poor class of family, but has seen Nepal's war before his eyes for years and years. Many consider his work to be small, some say it is not possible to meditate and go on fasting for months. Scientists fear examining his health might disturb him from meditation. Banjan has already brought Nepal's profile to the world. He is appearing in blogs, news sites and even in newspapers world-wide. He is making this tiny country of ours known to the world even more than the Big Companies with tons of cash in their banks!

He has already proven poverty and age are no limit to promoting Nepal and Sending a message of peace to the world. Although Ram has not spoken formally about his meditation, his followers believe that Ram started meditating because of the country's current war.

"There is no peace here in the country,
Go tell my family I will be alright" -- Ram Bahadur Banjan