Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Golden Day

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Today was one of the most amazing days I have lived on this earth. It was perfect in every way. Apart from the fact that there was a beautiful blue sky, the sun was warm and the cherry blossoms are beginning to appear on the trees. This was just one of those days. Although it will take time to write down what I was shown today, there is one clear message: A Golden Age has dawned.

Considering what is happening in the world right now, it seems completely crazy to consider that something new has taken place and nothing will ever be the same again. I saw it with my own eyes, the old is fading and ending and the new is beginning. This is one of the most awesome things I have see in this world, because today I actually saw the spirit world, the elven world appear (mirror itself) in the physical world.

I see beauty every day with my spirit eyes. If I have a bad day, it is what I see with my spirit vision that keeps me balanced. Until today, my spirit vision was not reflected in the physical world humans inhabit. I don't mean nature when I say this. Everywhere in nature is the presence of the spirit world in which the physical reality is rooted. But the world of man is a pale shadow and is mostly hidden away in a little corner where people can pretend materialism is God and that the world of spirit does not exist.

Since I was a child I have lived close to the world of spirit and my eyes are not clouded by the shadow of materialism. I live a very simple life, I eat only vegetables, and I drink my Ann Wigmore water, Rejuvelac. I paint my pictures and everywhere I go I watch, observe and pay attention to the invisible world, the world of spirit.

This afternoon the spirit guides called me out while I was working on the websites. I observed the trees, and the birds. The dandelions are appearing. They are truly amazing flowers. They are so resilient, appearing in cracks in the road where no other flower dares to grow. Dandelions are the Zen Masters of the flower kingdom.

As I was returning I looked at the small ornamental ponds where the Goldfish die every year, there are some newts and frogs. Everything was fine in these small ornamental ponds until the gardeners/someone did something to the little heron who liked to visit the gardens. This is an area surrounded by a forest (nature park), where there are meadows and natural ponds. It is only natural that the odd heron stops by the ornamental goldfish pond.

Herons also eat frogs and newts, and I sometimes saw the heron walking through the grass in this public garden. Not only looking for food. There is a special energy in this place, and they were at home there. Sometimes I would see them fly overhead, and rarely I would meet the heron in natures garden. The little heron was walking around and we did not disturb one another.

One day I saw heron feathers everywhere leading from the water, and I was left with the impression that the garden autho-rot-ties had something to do with this. It is difficult to tell if the heron survived, but after that I did not see the bird who liked to visit nature's rosegarden again. It was shortly after this that the goldfish began to totally die off. While the heron was visiting the fish were fine, and now no fish survives there... They all die. It's very strange.

Today there was only the water in the pond and a magnetic wind blowing through the trees. That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I could hear a new sound in the pine needles, the trees and the pine trees. For days there has been a powerful magnetic wind. Today it appeared in the gardens where the small ponds are. That is when I saw a totally new world emerging.

Man without the spirit of nature is dead man walking. Man without nature is dead man walking. Today I saw something so beautiful, that I can say I have never seen such beauty in the physical world as I saw today. It began with the magnetic wind blowing into the water of the small pond. It is a shallow flat bottom that reflects the light when the sun is shining, and the sun was shining. The sun was golden.

That is exactly what I saw in and on the water. Gold. I could hardly believe my eyes. It will take me many weeks (months) to find a way to convey this reality in words and pictures. All I can say now is that I saw the world of spirit directly reflected in this physical world, and I knew this is something totally new.

You see indications of this in the signs left by long lost civilisations.

But, the key word is lost. Today what was lost returned. I now understand the darkness, and the cycle of the dark ages. The darkness is not the enemy of mankind, it is our teacher and our companion. I do not mean the fools who get lost in the darkness. I mean the actual darkness (where people get get foolishly lost) is a pure form of light. It is a powerful teacher. It is teaching us not to get lost, and not to be afraid. Then the cycle changes and the golden age begins to form... This is the cycle we are entering now.

I saw an actual golden light reflected in the water moved by the magnetic wind. This gold is the light of the spirit world in which the physical world is rooted. The physical world grows from the ground of the world of spirit, the spirit world. If the physical world ceased to exist, the spirit world would still exist. Today, for the first time, I saw the world of spirit touching the world of matter (our world). I saw the two become one. They are one.

I was shown that this is a cycle. The cycle is older than time. We enter a phase where the spirit world seems to fade, and people seem to lose touch with what is real. The people who have the eyes to see do not lose touch. There are civilisations who do not lose touch, because they can see in the dark. Only the immature life forms lose sight of the spirit when the darkness falls. It is a lesson to teach us to see in the dark through the light of our own inner being. When a species sees the light in the darkness, they evolve onto a totally new level of being.

We are still caught in the illusion that the darkness is to be feared, and that darkness is not the light. But when you look out into a clear night sky, what do you see? The stars embeded in darkness where they shine brightest of all. When you look at nature the darkness is a companion to the light. The two are one. Present day mankind has forgotten this truth.