Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Solar Climate Changes

Is The Sun Driving Climate Change? Carefully observing nature one cannot miss increasing global changes in the earth's climate, but is it a natural occurance? The earth's climate has been fluctuating from extremely warm temperatures, to mild weather, to ice ages for millions of years. Climate change wiped out the dinosaurs and mankind inherited the earth. The deserts of the Middle East were once the lands of milk and honey. Over time the rivers dried into sand, communities were abandoned and large groups of people wandered into today's Europe. Did these people simply wander, or were resources dwindling due to social upheaval as a result of changes in the climate?

During the time of the Medieval Warm Period temperatures were warmer than they are today, as a result of this vinyards were grown as far as the North of England. Following the warm period Europe experienced what historians call the Little Ice Age. What I find interesting about this documentary on Climate Change is the reference to the water vapour which accounts for 95 percent of the atmospheric "Greenhouse gases".

The Oceans are the biggest producers of Carbon Dioxide, and the most interesting factor of this is that there is a time lag of hundreds of years between the chnages in temperature and the amout of Carbon Dioxide going into or out of the sea? Due to the vast size of the Oceans they take hunderds of years to warm up or cool down. The implication of this is that if the CO2 theories were correct, it would still take hundreds of years to correct anything taking place in the Oceans in terms of the absorbtion or realease of CO2. This means that the Oceans change over hundreds of years, and not overnight.

I have a feeling that the sluggishness in the Oceans ability to cope with the pollution is elecro-magnetic. By that I mean that all life processes of renewal, rebuilding, cellular and molecular transformation are driven by magnetism... and if the magnetic field of the earth is growing weaker then this would effect all processes of life on earth - on land as well as in the Oceans. However, if this is the case, then humans would have to cut back on pollution to the environment, because the earth is not going to be cleaning it up for us, during a weakening of the planet's magnetic field. We will be choking in our own waste.

As stewards of this planet, I don't think we should be destroying nature and polluting the rivers, the drinking water of all creatures, the seas. People have to learn to respect the planet they live on. This has nothing to do with climate change. It has to do with living a clean and healthy life and not abusing the resources of the wrold you live on.