Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Colon Collapse Disorder

I have been wondering if the intestines of the bees are collapsing due to many factors: "This is not colony collapse disorder, the bees have colon collapse disorder." The reasons for this are the unnatural breeding of, and the long distance transportation of the queen bee's, worker bees and whole hives. The conventional bee industry is also a heavy user of anti-biotics. The moment you use anti-biotics on the bees, you destroy their healthy intestinal bacteria, leaving them vulnerable to illness, fungus and mold. The friendly intestinal bacteria are the bee's immune defence, destroy that and you destroy the bees. Destroy the bees and you destroy the colony.

The Apiary industry takes the raw, enzyme rich honey (food) from the bees and in return it feeds them denaturated sugar water. If you feed them brown sugar the bees get sick. Fungus? Mold? Therefore the bees get refined sugars devoid of essential minerals and enzymes. The so-called "Colony Collapse Disorder" is perhaps more accurately described as severe malnutrition.

Bee pollen does not harbour any pathological bacteria. It one of the richest sources of protein available. It can help to correct nutritional imbalances. People suffering from Allergies have been known to reduce the symptoms using bee pollen, which act as an antioxidant. Germs contained in pollen improve the intestinal flora. =0=

I was walking home through town, thinking about the bees Colon Collapse Disorder, when a small bee came buzzing out of nowhere to fly directly in front of me. I don't wear perfume of any kind, but I wear a small stone Hopi bear pendant. The little bee was hovering (flying) backwards in front of the Hopi stone bear pendant as I was walking. At the time I thought it was funny that I am thinking about the bees collapsing colons and this little bee appears in front of me, as though it can see my thoughts. The bee actually lands on the small hopi bear hanging around my neck.

I know that the enzymes and high potency darmflora works, because it is working for me. I am sure it would work for the bees too. That is what human beekeepers are taking away from the bee colonies. They are taking away the living enzymes and the mineral rich food the bees produce for themselves. In place of the living foods the beekeeping industry give the bees ANTI-BIOTICS. Which kill all their beneficial Darmflora. The bee colonies suffer colon collapse, because without healthy intestinal flora the bees (and humans too), have lower immune system and are more susceptible to parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses.

The bee landing on the Hopi stone bear pendant means they are asking for respect. The bees will work with mankind as long as they get respect. The bee lands on the bear - think about it! Beekeepers are going to have to start feeding the bees colon friendly bacteria, enzymes and minerals to get the colonies back to health. Humans have to put a stop to the Bee Industry, with their bad breeding habits and abuse of the bee colonies and queen bees. If beekeepers will not change the way they work with the bees then consumers can change it for them.

Don't buy Bee Industry honey or products.
Move towards a Bee-Industry-Free standard of doing business, caring for the bees, respecting the bee colonies and feeding the bees the flora needed to bring their colons back to health. Stop drowing the bees in anti-biotics... The problem is not colony collapse, it is beekeeper induced colon collapse disorder. If the consumers knew this they would change their support for this monster industry. Go Organic - save the bee's!