Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Altered Resonance of Viruses & Bacteria

I am thinking that on some basic level humans are a modified form of bacteria. I mean in a 'building-block' sense. How can bacteria and viruses (and molds) effect human physiology? There would have to be a 'relationship' for there to be an effect.

As an artist, because I see things in pictures, the larger picture is made up from little dots. Translated into non-artistic glyphs that means little bits of matter, implying that in some ways humans are merely a more complex walking form of fungus. If our basic elements return to their primordeal state, we are not walking humans any more we are breaking up into our constituent parts. Our origins. Where we came from. Simple, single cell animals, bacteria and forms of fungus. The building blocks of life.

In the future they are healing people with sound. Not the kind of sounds we know today. Frequencies of harmonic resonance heard and applied on a cellular level. These frequencies are not normally heard by the human ear, but are felt on a cellular level. In this respect we are going to pay a high price for the misuse and resulting imbalance of these resonant frequencies in the form of microwave communications and low pulse frequency communications.

Science is beginning to uncover the secret of matter, as outlined by more ancient forms of science, that matter is sound. Bacteria sing, viruses sing, molecules sing. They have a vocal resonant signature. This means that sound frequencies can clear the body of choruses of elements harmful to human health. In theory, frequencies could also transform toxins and heavy metals into a more harmless state. But that is way ahead of where we are now.

Some researchers put 'allergies' at the heart of all illnesses. So far these researchers have not found the Rosetta stone that will allow them to fully understand the interrelating language code. Because these elements are all talking to each other. They are speaking a complex molecular language. On a molecular level, they understand the language - but we don't understand the language. If we did understand the language we would have the key to life.

I am sure there are ways to understand the first steps to the harmonic resonance of the human energy field. Because the physical molecules are talking back and forth with the energy fields. Fungus has an elecrical frquency and an energy field. Bacteria have their own energy fields. It is the same with viruses. All the contactee stories of people being taken aboard UFO's describe the same proceedure: They get disinfected in a beam of light, there is a sound or they drink something bitter that makes them feel sick. It is probably anti-parasite medicine.

One of the reasons that resonance is so important in this coming age is because we are moving into a frequency that requires a certain resonance. A race intelligent enough to create that resonance within the society will be able to operate at those more advanced frequencies. We have fallen so far behind that society is in danger of completely imploding due to the loss of an essential integrated field. Conflict is the most damaged form of social implosion.

In some ways the health problems faced by humankind are signalling man to move back towards the resonant field. If we continue to live outside the harmonic resonant field things will continue to go down. When we cooperate to build our lives and our societies in balance with the harmonic resonant field, we will prosper. Each atom can take any form, and the form is determined by and through conciousness. The Unified Field is one atomic structure manifesting a variety of forms, but it is essentially one atomic structure.