Monday, October 19, 2015

Transition Zone Earth

No place on Earth was like any other place ...
Visiting Earth was to experience many transition zones on one Planet.

The drawings I post are my own unique art = awareness and understanding and expression. This is an older language [function of brain] necessary for different forms of travel.

Depending on whether it is astral travel .. time travel .. interplanetary or inter-dimensional travel each zone is protected.

Transition fields between zones apply higher pictographic communications [understanding levels]. No matter what the levels of technology you are not going to pass through major transition fields unless your mind [spirit] has the capacity to interact with that primal language.

Primal language is Natures language and it is how the Universe communicates with itself. Using words as language [as we do now] is a much lower more primitive tool of communication and understanding. When they say that there came a time when animals could not longer communicate with humans .. this was because humans were divided through words as the primary language.

When people say that humans lost their ability to communicate telepathically .. it is not as simple as that. Why is every modern culture restricting art and artists? That's easy: The WORD is god. Not the word is GOD .. but god is THE WORD. The whole World is enslaved to the WORD of god(s) .. or more simply put humans are enslaved to the WORD.

I can prove this to you. It is very simple and very easy to experience and understand. Get yourself a blank paper notebook or an A5 artists sketchbook. Just choose pens or pencils that you like and feel good with.

Each day draw anything: Lines from your minds #_#

You do not have to use a blank page each day to do this experiment. You can fill a page with whatever lines you draw before moving to the next page. At the end of the ArtBook you look back through all the pages of your work and you will see a language inside all those lines you drew.

You will also discover that without any effort or thought that you use your eyes differently than before the experiment. You will see things and understand things you never saw before. You will naturally and effortlessly begin to see life with new eyes and new mind. That is because you had the courage to begin to use a very special part of the mind [brain].

One thing that is fun is to take letters of words and draw the letters as art forms. When you draw letters as picture art or change their design or you make art out of words .. this changes the words relationship to the mind. Telepathic mind exists but humans rarely make use of this consciously as its functions are beyond the word.

As soon as you turn letters into art the meanings [the perception] changes. In this way you can create coded language .. but that is not what I am talking about. It is not that words / letters of the Latin script come from or evolved from pictograms .. but letters used today ARE pictures in the form of lines. Language became linear and highly mathematical according to rational thought .. as deeper meaning was lost.

Transition Zone Earth
Each geographical area on Earth has an Earth field vibration frequency. Those zones relate or connect to other dimensions and other inter-planetary zones in the Galaxy and beyond the Galaxy. The genetics [DNA] of humans were designed to match the different zones on Earth because modern humans did not originate on this Planet.

Various zones on the surface of the Earth correspond to points of origin in the Universe and/or correspond to inter-dimensional zones [levels]. There is a reason why certain ethnic groups invaded geographical areas over the last thousands of years and did not succeed.

Historically you see this phenomenon occurring in China .. Persia .. Russia .. Middle East .. Africa .. Asia .. India [to name but a few]. There is currently a GROSS misunderstanding as to who we are .. why we are .. where we are and why we are where we are. That was a lot of words >_+

I was born into Gaelic Celtic genetics mixed with early Picts. As a very small kid who could not read and write .. I was aware of past experiences of those genetics .. my incarnate spirit could read the genetic experience over time. I had to do some inner genetic conscious repair as there was hate in there .. and other stuff.

I was able to clear an inner path for myself [incarnate spirit] through the collective genetic past experiences .. and I was able to tap into the original pure Earth field generated consciousness connection. The genetics were designed to interact with Earth fields .. designed to interact with and UNDERSTAND the Earth Transit Zones.

Earth humans were designed to interact with the various Earth Transit Zones.

One could say the key connections relate to what Operating System you are using. There are various Genetic Operating Systems relating to different extra-terrestrial and inter-dimensional planetary relationships.

Travelling to different parts of the Planet is like physically travelling to totally different Worlds. This is the way Earth was designed for various reasons. Although each extra-terrestrial zone protect their ongoing experiment(s) in space-time consciousness .. they also protect themselves.

One would have to understand Doris Lessing: Shikasta.

Related to the genetic fingerprint designed to match different energetic zones there is electrical frequency. One example of electrical frequency variation(s) is common electrical current flow versus anti-gravity electrical current flow. Anti-gravity is wrong .. the technology is simply using a different electrical charge.

That is a whole other post ...

Before the fall of Mu Lemuria or Atlantis .. the extra-dimensional connection zones intended that the essentially and carefully designed genetics harmonized with their planetary transit zones. When genetic harmony is established you have PEACE .. right ?? This is not rocket science !

Earth humans were not supposed to run around all over the surface of the Earth killing each other .. where physical planetary dominance is the "to be reached goal." Can you understand: Finding peace in the zone .. or finding peace within the transit zone? Let's try: Finding peace within the GENETIC TRANSIT ZONE. That's where it gets technical.

Each specific Earth Transit Zone have "parents" and Masters.

Really we are talking about extra-terrestrial and /or inter-dimensional parents and Masters [teachers] in the truest form. To create inner and outer balance there has to be genetic hardware and genetic software to actively interact with the various planetary Transition Zones.

I write this to give you: Peace of Mind.

We humans are very small and very insignificant. Our genetic structure [a work of art] is designed to interact with the special planetary zones [in harmony]. Yes .. high level Lamas can interact with different zones .. but this ability is not normal nor easy to attain.

Anyone today can buy the Kung Fu [Shaolin] movies or DVD .. but how many can do the Kung Fu ?? You always have to have a sense of humor no matter what is happening in the World.

People have to understand: Genetics are not base-lead physical material .. but they are something VERY SPECIAL. Genetic structure and DNA are much closer to electrical current .. or various levels of electrical current(s).

When you try to cross two incompatible currents you can get massive explosions.

What I am trying to convey is these frequency genetics are designed for and rely on the varying Earth Transit Zones [for a reason]. On one level Earth humans are the Software connecting with [dependent on] and navigating the varying Operating Systems of Planet Earth.

Genetic frequency mind brain connections are so fragile and so refined. Then it goes to the levels of: Genetic mind / brain / Earth / Transit Zones connection [frequencies]. In this sense harmony [harmonics] and peace have a totally different meaning than is projected by base physical matter(ists).