Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Electrical Field Genetics: Passport To The Future

Human Genetic Resonance = Earth Geological Field Harmonics
First be aware officially extra-terrestrials do not exist and you are all apes who evolved and fell out of trees #_# .. officially UFOs and time travel do not exist and humans never come into contact with extra-terrestrials or other dimensions.

Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Resonance: Earth Geology
In the short term - 20 to 100 years occupation of non-compatible Earth frequencies implode and collapse. There is a high point [initial invasion] and there is a low point [degeneration and weakness] where the human DNA frequencies are unable to adapt to the surrounding magnetic Earth geofield for a variety of genetic frequency reasons.

I am talking pure essential electrical field resonance.

The first level of physical human existence is electrical field resonance. The Master of inhabiting genetic electrical fields is the Mother Planet. If an extra-terrestrial race on other Planets discover that their genetic DNA resonance does not activate in certain areas .. they will not inhabit those areas.

The fetus in the mothers womb relies on the mother to grow and develop and the fragile humans rely on the Earth to grow and develop. In this respect Earth is Master of human existence and growth.

1. Conflict is always INNER conflict. 2, INNER conflict is projected out into the World as external conflict. 3. Inner conflict drains incarnate LIFE ENERGY [distorts individual paths into the future] as well as draining [future] physical resources.

On Planet Earth every long term project to place human genetic [frequencies] into incompatible Earth geographic [frequency] areas has failed. This is high level non-physical resonance physics of the future that I call: Genetic Frequency Physics.

Human extra-terrestrial origins connection [relationship] is the key factor behind conflict on this Planet. To really get to the heart of this in an intelligent non-reactive way you have to understand that there is not "peace in heaven" harmony [Utopia] out there .. in the surrounding Galaxy.

Different extra-terrestrial races interact .. but there are so many vibrational levels .. too many to count. Some races hate each other. Hate is born from a power struggle .. when there is struggle for dominance. In the Dao [Tao] power struggle creates out of balance Chi and exhaustion.

All life forms engaged in long term power struggles drop lower and lower on the energy scale and in this lower energetic state they start to hate each other. Hate is a toxic byproduct of a struggle for power. Because no one can win such a struggle .. because both winner and loser are equally out of balance .. they feel hatred because there is no harmony.

They blame each other because there is no harmony.

All life forms inhabiting Planets are ruled by a superior force. That superior force is the Planet they inhabit. Each Planet is like the Operating system where the Software is woven from highly intelligent interactive electrical fields. Life forms appear like living Avatars born into the fields they inhabit where the genetics are designed to interact electrically [seamlessly] with those high powered fields.

Human Genetic Field Resonance
On Earth things are a bit different in that specific zones were created that energetically resonate with a variety of different other world frequencies. Earth was a big experiment corresponding to different genetic origins that is related to Earth in terms of not offering a stable environment.

The surface of the Earth was chosen because it is highly unstable and does not allow for long term growth in power or pose a danger to those doing the experiment. In terms of power struggles humans are like ants following each other around the rim of a glass until they drop off.

When you lift a fish out of the ocean .. the fish will begin to gasp and die. Even though dolphins come to the surface of the ocean to breathe air .. if you lift dolphins out of the ocean they will die. In similar ways human genetics swim within an ocean of Earth harmonic frequencies.

Across the entire surface of Planet Earth are Inter-planetary [extra-terrestrial] associated genetic harmonic frequencies. By this I mean that the harmonic [electrical frequency] of the genes correspond to geographical [geomantic] frequencies all over the surface of the Earth.

Earth electrical fields interact with various genetic signatures in various ways. There is a subtle energy that the ancients called Chi which no one can detect. The genes are not physical 3D material resource. What science detects is not even the tip of the iceberg in human genetics.

Genes are electrical frequency resonators that interface with local planetary fields. Interactions are strongly related to consciousness where the planetary field is always greater than the total mass of humans [stream of consciousness]. In periods of 20 to 100 years everything humans do wrong is dealt with.

You could say that power struggles correspond to ants following each other around the rim of a glass over varied periods of 20 to 100 years as they all fall off [exhausted]. Then they follow the next ant around the next glass .. and the next .. and the next. Someone watching the ants wonders: Are they ever going to figure any of this out?

Generations of hatred is only the fire burning that the local villagers run around trying to put out. Everyone focuses on the fires [hate] and no one sees the cause: What starts these fires and where is the source of the fuel that keeps them burning? Everyone focus on the fire and very few understand the cause. Always around the rim of the glass is power struggle.

Passport To The Future
Whatever the human genetic experiment on Earth is ?? the Planet was divided into different frequency zones to manage the potential issues long term without obvious interventions. The genetic frequencies all have one common signature that can be defined like a magnet. One side attracts .. the other side repels.

When you try to force the two magnets together you get stronger force to repel.

When you smash the magnets all into little pieces and you try to mix all the pieces you get the mixed polarity happening inside the whole mess you created. Because the original power struggle began outside the Earth and was inherited .. it has its own power that can only be resolved inside consciousness at the source.

One original stream of thought was to create inner paths teaching incarnate humans to overcome the struggle for power. They recognised all petty desires and attachments as part of that power struggle. Other streams of consciousness set out to DIRECT the flow and make use of it while keeping people ignorant of its source.

Because genetics are paths of consciousness the Inner World group attempted to teach humans how to alter or direct the flow within. The Outer World group wanted to use the power struggle to their own advantage .. and the twist is that this attraction to play with "power" destroys itself.

Early Consciousness Awareness
As a really small child I was aware of the past recorded [inherited] in the genes. There are no words and no language .. it is all in there like emotions and sorrow .. suffering .. anger .. aggression and fear. This is a silent presence more powerful than words or intellect.

As each child grows .. the child [incarnate spirit] begins to make choices based on their own attraction to different emotions from their inherited data bank. As humans show attraction to different emotional paths the brain is designed to give us what we want. The brain is plastic = it alters its state according to programming. Humans become what THEY want [are attracted to].

Before he died Jiddu Krishnamurti in his Talks warned the scientists that the genes [genetic field] cannot be changed from OUTSIDE. This ideology that future advanced "super intelligent" humans can / will be created in what today is called: Designing your own future children's genetics #_# is a Disneyland fantasy with a tin can lands on the Moon production budget.

It's a GREAT way to generate cash [sales] ?? and sell you: "Genetic Dreams" ...

The early Celts all over Europe and all the way up to Scandinavia had a "black" sense of humour for a very good reason. You also have to ask the question: With so much suffering in the World why is the Buddha laughing? What are you going to do .. get angry? Start a revolution .. sink into the dark abyss of hate? Protect your inner self laughing at the absurdity!

Now and then I do start to get serious .. like I was as a child. The problem is this .. I was warned about this in my childhood by tall light beings who knew me better than I know myself. They did say to me: Don't go down that road... I had to discover inside myself how not to go down that road into the dark abyss.

I am sharing this with you [with a sense of humour] to show that it is possible to alter your genetic resonance interaction [frequencies] as nothing is fixed in space and time. The brain is always listening [as it is designed to do] and one of the keys to the mind is LAUGHTER. It has to be genuine .. this cannot be faked.

Rarely .. but sometimes I get pretty serious and I can feel the genetic response process kicking in: "She is going for it .. she is going for it !!" All the time the brain is listening. No matter what .. the whole time I observe myself. Then maybe one day passes .. maybe two days .. maybe a week of doubt. Then I laugh at myself and I laugh at the whole mass insanity of whatever it is that upsets me. My mind does not get caught in it and is cleansed of the contamination.

Certain [different] areas of the Earth are like the rim of a glass where the ants go around and around until they drop off or the glass energy shatters. The glass energy shattering is the electrical field resonance or changes in local electrical field resonance. That is how physical Earth Planet interactions are designed.

As a child I was warned by higher energy beings: Don't go down that road .. and I think probably all humans on Earth are taught or warned in childhood = receive the Earth Guidance .. and no one listens .. because of the incarnations attraction to power and all the other associated emotions attached to the abyss of power.

Let me try to simplify this >_< ..

Your brain is always listening to you no matter what. What happens when you become aware or observe your brain listening to you! One example is: As I type this on the computer I am aware of the process of my brain observing me. The brain functions as non-emotional impartial observation. There is no judgement or OPINION .. the brain [the mind] simply observes what is. Then I [incarnate spirit] become aware of this process.

When I get "serious" or upset I switch to observing myself impartially and at the same time I am observing the brain paying attention to or observing me [my reactions]. Then I follow the path within myself. I do not try to change anything .. I simply am aware of myself. Then I see the whole collective human psyche of fear and reactions that are part of our mundane daily life.

As soon as I see the reaction I immediately step back.

The brain silently observes the whole process. When you do not get caught in the whole confusion [get caught = attracted to] .. then something extraordinary takes place within the mind. You are no longer an ant walking around the rim of a glass that will eventually shatter into pieces.