Monday, February 20, 2012

Lemon Grass Roots

I am so exited, because my store bought Lemon Grass has roots...

Grow your own Lemon Grass!
I found fresh Lemon Grass at the local store...
I am crazy about growing things!

So .. I put some of the fresh Lemon Grass stalks into water...

It is real simple...

You cut off a small part of the base of the Lemon Grass stalk to remove the dried part of the grass. From that base fat white roots should grow when the stalk is put into fresh water.

I snip off the top dried part of the Lemon Grass stalks to allow the energy of the plant to concentrate into the base and the root.

I change the soak water once a day - every 24 hours - to prevent a jelly type water forming around the stalks and to prevent fungus growing on the tough outer leaves.

I clean the base of the Lemon Grass in fresh running water.
You want to avoid fungus and cellular deterioration.
on the surface of the grass.

Here you see the cut base of the Lemon Grass ...

Don't use too much water.
Keep the water clean.
Change the water each day.

The timing of root growth depends on local atmospheric temperatures and local climate.

Here you see the roots of Lemon Grass ready to be planted.

Avoid any kind of slimy fungus growth on the outer leaves and wash the base of the Lemongrass before planting into organic soil.

Once you have roots growing from the base of the Lemon Grass .. it is probably best to plant the stalks in a container until the roots are strong enough to be planted out in the garden.

If you don't want the Lemon Grass spreading everywhere, then keep it growing in a pot or some kind of container or grow bag.