Friday, February 15, 2008

The Science of Astrology

This live channelling was Given in Mt. Shasta, California
Kryon Summer Light Conference™ - June 17, 2007

Now, let’s talk about astrology. This would seem to be an esoteric subject, but it is not. It is one of the most misunderstood of all of the attributes of science... being classified as occult and from those who are not thinking clearly. Let me remind you that this was also the consideration of those who believed in germs before it was proven to be true. Imagine... an invisible microorganism that causes disease (gasp... must be occult, or a plan by ETs to invade the earth!). When your tools and wisdom came to understand it all, it became science, and helped save lives. Now we tell you that astrology is the same. It is science that is right now thought to be mysticism.

If you have gotten this far in my magnetic discussion (above), you will realize that Human Beings are continually influenced by the magnetic grid of the planet, and that it was designed that way for communication and balance. I would like to reveal to you what is landing on [being put upon] the magnetic grid that might be part of that communication we speak of. Oh, there’s a great deal of information that is delivered this way, but I’ll just give you the astrological one.

At the center of your solar system is your sun. Your sun is being patterned magnetically with gravity every second of the day. You cannot separate gravity and magnetics, for they are two twins of the same attribute in science, yet to be understood as they relate to one another. Light is involved as well, for it is interdimensional also. When something in your reality can be shown to be in two places at the same time, it has to be quantum [interdimensional attributes] and light falls into that category with magnetics and gravity. Magnetics, gravity and light are the mysteries of your reality. None of these three are truly understood. They are, instead, simply used. You know what they do, but you have no idea what they are. Time is the other one, but it is a result of the first three, and not an energy unto itself.

At so, your sun is sitting there with the planets pushing and pulling upon it as they move around it. Imagine the force of the tug upon the sun of all of your planets at the various alignments that they go through. Imagine for a moment that you could see gravity and the incredible forces of gravity as strings out to the planets pulling upon the center of the sun. This would create a constantly changing pattern of strings, would it not? For it is patterned daily all of the time, every moment.

This patterning is an interdimensional patterning of the sun. Therefore, you might say that the quantum pattern of the sun is different every moment, depending on where the planets are. You’d be right. Think of what the attributes of this pushing and pulling do to the sun when the planets line up in a row! Think of what happens when there’s what you call the seeming retrograde [appearance of backward movement in orbits as observed from another orbiting platform]. So there we are with a constantly changing pattern in the sun that is interdimensional, that is magnetic, that even affects time.

What do you know about the sun besides that fact that it is sending light and heat? The sun blasts something called the solar wind at the earth all the time. It’s a continuous flow of charged particles [magnetics!]. This is the information of the patterning of the sun being delivered to the magnetic grid of this earth. And if you doubt that, then go look at the aurora borealis. For that is the name given to the light show of the solar wind as it hits the magnetic grid of the planet, creating inductance of its own, delivering the information of the patterning of the sun to you.

When it arrives on the grid of the planet, that patterning is then transmitted through additional inductance to your DNA at birth. Birth is when you receive it, since that is when you arrive for your first breath of air, your first interaction with the environment as an independent life. Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer - you get a pattern of the sun. And the pattern is a reflection of the alignment of the planets at the moment of your birth. This pattern is retained in your DNA as a life-force that we have spoken of yesterday when we talked about the seeming chaos of the energy in an interdimensional arena. It affects you, and from then on, you are susceptible to the energy of those patterns as they align in your solar system. You call this astrology. It is one of the oldest sciences on the planet and it’s intuitive [part of your consciousness of ‘knowing’].

There are those who say, "I don’t believe it." We have just given you information that you are susceptible to the patterning of interdimensional orbital mechanics and there are those who say, "I still don’t believe it." All right, I will ask you this, how do you explain the full moon syndrome? The moon is the largest orbiting body to the earth, and it patterns the sun, but has a major influence patterning your grid with its gravitational pull. [Gravity is related to magnetics.] Why is it that police forces all over the globe decide to put on extra help on a full moon? There are some that say, "Well, that’s easy. You see, it’s lighter then and more crime takes place." No. That would relate to light, not the orbit of the moon, for it even takes place on a cloudy full moon night. Ask the hospitals, for they are involved as well, taking care of all the many accidents and challenges between Humans on these days. They know the full moon is a difficult time. Now, go explain that... and the only way is through astrology. Astrology is a major influence on Human behavior, and it is science and involves DNA and human thought. Can you imagine what this might do to help humanity when it is finally acknowledged? You are susceptible to the movement of the planets. You’re alive with Gaia. You are part of the system. How can you ever deny such a thing? That’s science.

Now you will understand, astrologers, why we told you 18 years ago that there would be a difference in the charts that you must rectify before and after, to find out what has taken place within the energy shift and the magnetic grid shift between then and now. We talked about a three-degree influence in your charts between now and the year 2012. Those three degrees do not all occur in one house. Those three degrees are a culmination of the house shapes opening and closing into a new configuration of sizes. Go ahead, do the rectifications and see what we mean. Do the overlays before and after and you will discover through those clients that you have had charts done on then and now, what is taking place and how these changes are shifting and changing. The world-class astrologers know that it is changing. Even astrology is dynamic, for it’s related to the magnetics, indeed!

Now my partner [Lee] is thinking, "Well, that was easier than I thought." Well, the next one won’t be. [Laughter]

The New Laws of Physics
Now we speak of physics. Let me give you some history about a conundrum. Let me tell you what science has done with the conundrum. Then let me tell you some things that we have never said before.

It’s a beautiful law, it is, and the scientist Newton designed it. It is a law that is responsible for all of the orbital mechanics in your solar system. It explains them all, it does, and it’s the second law of Newton. It is a description. Careful, my partner, go slowly. [This is Kryon’s admonition to Lee to be extra clear.] It is a description in its fundamental formulation of force, matter and acceleration. And these fundamentals explain the movements of the planets - the movement and inertia of motion everywhere. It does it so well that this formula is responsible for the calculations you use to send satellites up, and your space probes throughout the solar system. All of the math, so centered around Newton’s second law, works.

If you’ve noticed in your own solar system and if you’re into astronomy, you’ll see what Newton saw - that the planets [items with constant mass] that are closer to the gravitational influence of the sun travel at a different speed than the ones that are further away. This became the formula of the second law of Newton, and holds true today and has held true... until recently your science discovered some challenges.

The first thing that raised interest was when the particles became too small, and then the law broke down. It didn’t follow the rules anymore. When you got into atomic structure, the formula was different. This was actually the reason for the birth of quantum physics - the explanation of the small and the very small and the theories that would go with it, including interdimensional ones. And it was OK with science. New theories said that when matter gets super-small, there has to be a difference in the interaction between mass objects. Some say it was due to the fact that smaller particles didn’t have the constant mass that the planets and moon did... not too hard to deal with in the mind of the scientist. Also, Human Beings have the ability to experiment with the super-small with atomic accelerators - protons and anti-protons colliding at almost the speed of light to see what happens. So Humans could verify the new laws within the super-small world. Then something happened.

With the advent of the new "eyes" of the earth through computer-controlled mirrors in telescopic arrays, you began to study distant galaxies and see them clearly. Much to the surprise of astronomers, they could see the stars rotating around the center of the galaxy, much like your solar system rotates around the sun, but with a big difference. It didn’t follow Newton’s law!

To the astronomers’ surprise, they discovered that the stars rotating around the center of a galaxy were in what is called a "flat rotation mode." Let me explain this to you - go slowly, my partner [more Kryon admonition to Lee]. If you were to take a disc and put some pebbles on the disc close and far from the fulcrum [center], then gently rotate the disc, you would notice that all of the particles you put on the disc rotate in tandem together, keeping their influence with each other in the same perspective. In other words, one does not go faster or slower due to the distance from the center. That is called flat rotation and that is what galaxies do.

However, suddenly, Newton’s second law doesn’t work! Stars would have large constant mass, yet they were not following the rules of orbital mechanics. Newton’s law seemed to works for solar systems, but not for galaxies. This makes no sense, and is at the heart of controversy, and eventual discovery of something astronomy is starting to see.

In the mathematics of energy measuring of the Universe, science says that something is creating an energy you cannot see that is pushing on the matter in a way that is affecting Newton’s law. They say they don’t know what it is and cannot see it. It is unseen energy creating a new kind of orbital system, which they are now realizing is in all galaxies. So they call it dark matter, mystery matter that has influence on everything.

Dark matter isn’t really dark. It is simply the scientific expression for missing energy. That’s all it is. Something is pushing and pulling in ways that do not follow the orbital mechanics of the classic Newton’s law. How can that be? Now the conundrum is there. The very small doesn’t work well. The very big doesn’t work well. Your solar system seems to be fine. Somebody’s working on this issue right now, and I have to mention it. So put on your esoteric hat for just a moment. Newton had an assistant who was very involved in his work. This assistant is alive today and he’s an astronomer, of course. He has reincarnated with the passion in his cellular structure to continue the work, and he is! And he’s very close to figuring this out.

I’m going to tell you why this conundrum exists. I’m going to do my best to give this to my partner in a succinct way so that you will understand the physics. This has never been revealed in this fashion. You’re close to discovery, and it’s in the ethers. So I am not giving you anything that Human free choice wouldn’t discover on its own. The solution is floating in the system, ready to be found.