Friday, February 15, 2008

Magnetic Nature of DNA

This live channelling was Given in Mt. Shasta, California
Kryon Summer Light Conference™ - June 17, 2007

This channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Many times these Shasta meetings contain very basic information from Kryon, but much is emotionally transmitted, which the printed page just can’t reveal. In addition, it has been expanded by Kryon to include added explanations of difficult concepts presented in a session that was done live under time restraints (a large meeting). This expansion creates even better communication than from the live audio.

This particular channelling was about physics and science, and has many concepts that are new. It was one of the more difficult ones for Lee, and he says "Kryon got close.." to make certain the facts were translated correctly. So enjoy this enhanced message given at the very powerful Kryon Summer Light Conference, on June 17th, 2007.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Indeed, there are those who felt us as they walked into this space this morning, for we never left any of you! [speaking of the fact that this is day two of the Shasta event]

My partner is apprehensive and normally he is not. We so often speak of love. We speak of the things that he is so commonly involved with in the channellings. But now we speak of science. We use his engineering brain and his logic and his clear channel to bring you things that we wish you to hear. So let me talk to him at this moment and say, "Dear Partner, relax. For we’re going to go slow in this teaching mode. We’re going to give you the words so that you will understand. The information will make sense. But go slow. Go slow."

There are those of you who would ask why we would do such a thing. You’ve come for words about the esoterics, and yesterday we gave them to you. In the channelling before this, seemingly a moment ago to me, we provided a great deal of esoteric information. We now complement it with the other side - science that you need to hear. Things that we have spoken about before will today meld into things we have never spoken of, to give you the truth about some physics in areas perhaps you have not heard before. We bring you these things in this way for a reason, the first of which is that we wish to have this archived. Someday there will be those who would pull out this transcription and they will compare it to what science has discovered. Then they will see there is a confluence of truth. Then they will have to say that this esoteric message was real... not a Human Being on stage entertaining a crowd and guessing about science. These are high ideas and will translate to the pages of your textbooks eventually. You see, you watch, you wait.

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. If we’re going to do this correctly, we have to give a review and tie it up correctly. I told you that I would explain astrology, and in order to do so, I am going to take you through a little bit of science about your biology that you need to know, for it relates not only to astrology but to almost everything else that is going on with you and the planet.

The Magnetic Nature of DNA
Your DNA is complex; it is elegant and every single piece of it is there for a reason. There is no junk, no waste, and it is beautifully designed. What seems to be random and chaotic is not, for the system lies very succinctly within the interdimensional framework of a system that works with those beautiful strands. In three dimensions. you see the double helix. For many years you have seen it as a strand - a strand by itself, responsible for the genealogy of all the things that make you what you are. The ends of the strands of DNA are the telomeres. These long strands would seem to do nothing but shorten as you age - a copy of a copy of a copy - responsible, perhaps, for what you think is your ultimate demise.

Recently in your science, a discovery was made that seemed to be passed over, which in its essence is probably one of the most profound discoveries that ties you and the magnetic grid together. The discovery was that the telomeres are actually connected together. DNA is not a strand but a loop. It took a while to see the truth of this, for it was a very detailed connection. So suddenly, DNA is not a strand, but a loop and now the fun begins. For within this loop you now have an attribute of potential electric current. You see, the Human Being is a bioelectric device and your brain and the synapse and your muscular reactions all work with the neurons that fire the impulses - trillions of them that make your body work. And so the electrics of the body suddenly are involved in the DNA, for there is a current that travels through the loop. It is miniscule, hardly detectable, even by the finest of your instruments.

So the first thing we will tell you is this: Scientists, look for the current! For you will discover it is there. Not only that, you will discover that the current flows through your chemistry in a way that it shouldn’t do! DNA shouldn’t conduct electricity, but it does... almost like a super-conductor. So now you have current flowing through a loop. In basic electricity, you learn that current flowing through a loop creates a magnetic field. DNA, therefore, has a magnetic field all of its own... each double helix. Oh, it’s small, but when you take trillions of those parts of a Human body, all of which have a magnetic field, the whole Human Being becomes magnetic. So there you sit and there you stand with scientific evidence that the Human Being’s DNA actually has a magnetic field.

This should tell you something else because of the physics of magnetics. If one magnetic field overlaps another, something will happen that is known as inductance. Inductance is that magic attribute where two magnetic fields overlap and intertwine and allow communications and transfer of energy to happen. In your electricity, this is used daily in almost every electric apparatus you have. What you should now know is that inductance is the engine of DNA change, receiving both appropriate and inappropriate magnetic instructions from the environment. This is why we have warned you repeatedly about not exposing yourself to long-term magnetic fields. However, another realization should come upon you - suddenly you have the potential of receiving information through the magnetic grid of the planet, since you are now aware that you have your own magnetic generator, your own DNA. This is the reason I am Kryon of "Magnetic Service."

Now, let me review the information we gave you in 1989 where we said that the earth has a magnetic field that postures your consciousness. We told you that if you were to go outside of this magnetic field, that in time you would be in dis-ease [read disease here]. You cannot live without it. We now challenge you yet again to prove this, for you will need it in space travel. This fact has never changed. In the past, we asked scientists to look at some very interesting attributes waiting to be discovered. Look at what happens when you take a Human Being even slightly outside the magnetic field. They go into dis-ease! There have been laboratories that you have placed at your earth poles that are research related. Scientists have lived in them for numbers of months. At the poles of the earth, you have a neutrality of confluence... no merging of magnetics. There’s a singularity at the North Pole and a singularity at the South Pole that is not balanced for the Human cellular structure.

So, scientists, I want you to take a look at the health of those who have been in those research laboratories, because you’re going to find something in the incidences of their disease and their cancer. It will show to be far greater than it should be in the normal curve of Human health. For they sat outside of the balance too long and they’ve paid the price. Those who are in orbit for great numbers of days, even months, were slightly outside of the magnetic field that you are in now, and you will see the same thing there. Look at their bone marrow. Look at their immune systems and see that it begins to fail when they get outside of the magnetic field. The magnetic field of your planet works with your DNA in ways that you do not know. It talks to your DNA.

In 1989, I told you that the magnetic grid would move more in 10 years than it had in the last 100... and it did. It’s on its way, some say, to be involved in another flip of polarity, as it has done in the past. But not yet. It moved, however, and moved as I told you it would. [This is a known scientific fact and is verifiable.] Now, I’ll tell you why it moved - because the consciousness of this planet moved it, and the beginning of this move was at the Harmonic Convergence. It’s no coincidence that it started then. It moved in order to posture your enlightenment. It moved so that there would be an awakening of the planet. That’s why it moved and there is, and has been, an intuition shift of so many all over the planet. The grid talks to the DNA and the consciousness of humanity. Now, thousands are suddenly asking, "Is there more than I’ve been told?" Perhaps you are one of these? Perhaps that’s why your eyes are on this page?

There are other places on the planet that are difficult to live, and that’s at the null point. At the equator and around the equator, there meets the positive and the negative, and they slowly reverse, one becoming the other. Around these areas, the magnetic grid is not consistent, and it is not linear. There are parts where it’s greater and parts where it’s lesser. It also doesn’t follow exactly at the equatorial line. It goes above and below and that has been mapped for you and your scientists know where those null points are.

Take a look at these null points and you will find the greatest trouble spots on this planet, the greatest disease on this planet, the greatest war and horror and genocide on this planet. The greatest imbalance is in the null. That’s because of the magnetic grid and because DNA receives information of balance. Eighteen years ago, we were asked this question: "Where can we go for the most enlightenment, Kryon?" This was published in our first transcriptions of live channelling. And the answer was, "Go to where it’s cooler." That’s not at the equator. Now, do you understand why we said what we said? Moving away from the equator in either direction will bring you to a place that is more balanced, and... cooler! That’s simple truth.

So we sit here saying, Go ahead, scientists, take a look, because you’re going to find some synchronicities that you did not expect. If you’re going to travel to the stars, if you’re going to travel to the planets, you better take your magnetic field with you in a simulated mode. Match it to what the earth gives you for those days, those years, sitting in that cocoon. If you don’t, you won’t make it. This is yet to be recognized by those who plan to go to the planets and to the stars [NASA]. So here is the invitation to the life science biologists. Ask the question, "Does the Human cellular structure need the magnetic field of Earth for sustained life and balance over time?" Use information from the years past at the poles, and the time you have already spent in orbit. The answer will be yes.