Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The First Thing You Lose Is Your Mind

"Once upon a time human beings had a mind."

"The human mind is an essential key to reality... "

When a Planetary Race narrowly focuses its mind .. that is what the world views as "reality" .. even when it is not real. For example, nature is real, water is real, trees are real .. which means, they exist whether humans believe in them or not. Nature is part of the time continuum that allows sentient beings to experience life.

Human beings are supported by all aspects of Nature. It is an incredible support system .. built from the smallest particles, manifest through the molecules, fed by earth microbes (the living soil), supported by the grass - that together with mycelium - sustains all forms of sentient life on this Planet.

Water becomes grass, that shelters other plant life and feeds smaller animals through the creation of a bio-cosmic foundation close to the soil/earth. Larger carnivores depend on smaller plants and trees to feed the animals they eat to exist. Human beings have always benefited from the vast bio-cosmic foundation on all levels of the food chain.

That is the physical world we live in .. the physical environment that feeds, nourishes and supports us and gives us life. But, what about the human mind? Does Nature also support and enlighten the mind of human beings?

At this present time the mind of humans live in banking / banks, money and debt .. all of which are not real. Trees will still grow should mankind disappear from the Planet .. banks, money and debt will cease to exist. Already, humans live in an "altered reality" - a child like creation of their own minds.

The importance of ancient philosophers / higher meditation is greatly misunderstood today. Largely, because the mind has become weak. The mind of man wants to believe in his own unique egotistic existence and not think that he is only one small part of a greater whole.

People are no longer in touch with higher elements of the mind.

The mind also needs the energy particles in grass to transcend the lower frequencies. I actually mean ordinary grass and local plants growing in the cracks of our current civilization.

People do not observe the independent natural world that is silently living alongside them in towns and cities. When one pays attention to the micro-plant world growing at the side of the road, in walls and crevices, in cracks and the spaces between walls .. it changes the relationship between the mind and the eye. Seeing alters consciousness.

The First Thing You Lose Is Your Mind
In a crisis or during a high boom in riches and wealth - both positive and negative - the first thing you lose is your mind.

The human mind reacts to great wealth and expansion as well as deep crisis and poverty in a similar way. A chemical is produced in the glands resulting from our focus and emotional highs or lows. I am talking in terms of the Tao and observation / meditation and not as a scientist.

You can validate this for yourself... Using your own mind...

Step one: Try to be aware of the micro climate of small plants populating the barren desert of our concrete walkways. Don't think .. just pay attention - be aware of the world around you.

Step two: In the same way that you observe the mysterious micro-world around you that usually goes unnoticed and unseen .. be aware of your own emotions. Do not think, do not judge .. just become aware of how you react.

In the same way that micro-plants inhabit the self created world around you .. the emotions grow and inhabit the organs of the human body. The emotions that we feed grow in the cracks of our psyche. The emotions we are attached to attach themselves to the cracks in our awareness.

This is not a bad thing .. emotions are like weather patterns .. they exist to warn us .. teach us .. communicate with us and show us whatever we have to learn at any point in space-time.

Only when emotions become extremely negative charged and self-defeating do they become a problem rather than an asset. Because emotions release chemicals into the brain and the endocrine system - some people react to them like a drug.

The natural world around you is teaching you through awareness, observing and paying attention. The inner micro-world is teaching you through awareness and observation. The outer and the inner are one.

Without balance, both the positive and the negative can be harmful.

A very rich and wealthy group of humans can be in the same mental state as impoverished and suffering humans. Out of proportion expansion and growth, out of control "positive" circumstances are as dangerous to the mind as extreme poverty and deprivation.

Therefore, in all affairs the "wise man" balances his emotions and his mind = compassion.

Seeing alters consciousness...
Nature alters the mind .. brings the mind back into balance. Our physical world is out of balance because the mind is out of balance. Human beings are their own worst enemy.

Populations falling to the lowest frequencies go to war.

They have their wars until everyone is "exhausted" .. but no one has yet totally understood that the fighting and killing only continues until there is mass emotional exhaustion. People cannot exist down there en-mass at the lowest frequencies of fear, sorrow and hatred.

Each human being faces these challenges on a personal level across one lifetime. Each human being faces these emotional challenges on a spiritual level .. where the spirit knows no death. What is the relationship between spirit and mind?

Currently, the mind is dominated by physical experience, emotions and indulgence in the physical world. In the not to distant future the mind is transcending to the domain of the spirit, where mind and spirit form a bond with the physical dimension.

When mind and spirit are united as one they affect the third-force: physical DNA - transforming the energetic foundation of physical DNA from base metal [dense lead] to higher alchemy [the Sun].