Monday, March 26, 2012

OM Over Tibet

We do not make our future - our future walks towards us...

Our eternal spirits inhabit dynamic vehicles (bodies) .. whose DNA connect past-present-future. OM over Tibet .. is a real sound .. which is a coherent living frequency we humans respond to, from the heart.

For thousands of years human's on Earth have struggled with their connection to "spirit". Predatory forces could feed off our general confusion and fears. Man was easily manipulated into his inner state of spiritual-dislocation.

Greatly misunderstood, is our relationship with our partners: the past and the future! Three forces are one!

The Trinity = the Past - the Present and the Future...

We exist now and the future walks towards us. We [the NOW] are in relationship to the Past [our Ancestors] and the Future [who we are to be]. At the same time "the future is NOW". Who we are!

Our relationship with the PAST and the FUTURE is US .. we are the complete manifestation of the TRINITY.

Free Tibet!
What is Freedom ?? Is freedom outside ourselves ??
Look at the birds .. look at nature ..

The birds are free, nature is free .. plants are free .. but look at how animals and nature have suffered at the hands of human beings. Therefore, what is freedom?

Can China and Tibet work together as one? Is that freedom?

The energy of the future can come towards us; but we have to work with it immediately, in-the-now.

Our bodies and our minds are the "bridge across time". The spirit is timeless. Incarnate in physical 3D reality our spirits interact with a complex living Operating System called Planet Earth / called Nature.

The further out you get the more complex the Operating System becomes. There is the inner connection, the Earth Operating System, the Solar Operating System and the Galactic and Cosmic Operating systems.

Freedom is co-operation...

Man and woman co-operate .. humans and plants co-operate .. humans and animals co-operate (it is all about respect). Humans and nature co-operate .. humans and oceans co-operate .. we have to learn respect!

Co-operation is compassion.

In the future the bridge-across-time can be the people of Tibet sharing their compassion and teaching people in China and across the world how to deal with life, hardship, how to deal with change, how to meet the future...

Change is coming! It is here, now!

The chants of thousands of years: OM
This is a Living-Technology .. given to man from unknown sources.

Om fills every cell, every microbe, every particle of the Planet and of the Universe.

The Sun is OM, the Planet is OM, your body is OM .. Cosmos is OM .. it gives endlessly, without cause!

Sorrow is transient .. is a fragmentary illusion. Compassion is the inner Sun.

OM over Tibet is the ending of sorrow.