Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dragon's Pacific Ocean 'Breath of Fire'

The 6.3 New Zealand South Island earthquake that brought down buildings, causing the devastation of Christchurch on Tuesday, came one day after the sudden powerful explosion of ash from Mount Bulusan in the Philippines. Mount Bulusan's sudden eruption on Monday, sent volcanic ash towering three kilometers into the atmosphere. A major ash fall sent people fleeing from the affected areas.

For the farmers around the volcano the renewed eruption of ash means the loss of newly planted crops. Rice fields and Banana plants were destroyed, as food crops were covered in heavy layers of ash. With a downpour of rains the ash will form watery lahar flows, altering the river and irrigation systems - covering the land with a grey volcanic sludge. It is a difficult time, as this is what volcanoes do, they cover the land below their summit with life giving ash and provide the land's future fertile soils.

The Bulusan volcano erupted suddenly on February 21 and the New Zealand Earthquake followed on February 22, 2011. New Zealand sits on the intersection of the Pacific/Australian tectonic plates, on an area known as 'The Ring of Fire'. The two Islands that make up New Zealand are sandwiched between those two plates with a trail of volcanoes extending into the ocean to the North. Bulusan in the Phillippines is also located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which follows the continental edge of the Pacific Ocean from Chile to New Zealand.

As a result of the New Zealand earthquake the Tasman Glacier was pushed sixty meters above the level of the Tasman Lake, through which a 30 million ton iceberg broke away from the main Glacier. It's called 'Glacial Calving'.

Of course, many of us are wondering if all these events could be related. The distance involved between New Zealand and the Philippines would appear to be too great for there to be any event-relationship.

However... I see it this way...

We can look at these events with the eyes of on-the-ground 'Earth Dwellers' and say the distances are too great for there to be any relationship between the two. Alternatively we can look at these events from above (so-to-speak) and apply a long lost science of our 'ancestors' .. the people who mapped Antarctica and who laid out many of the Ley Line Stone Megaliths and Dragon Line pathways.

There are two forces at work here. Something triggered the Philippines reaction and something triggered the Christchurch earthquake. In this case you have two points on Earth reacting to something. Let's call it the 'third-force'. Is our world merely mechanical or is it the third-force that is activating events on Earth? I feel that this other force is so pervasive that it instantly affects the Sun and the Planets in an undivided event beyond physical time and beyond physical space.

The ancient Star-Mappers and Megalithic Builders knew this. They not only mapped star alignments across the landmasses of the planet; but they understood and mapped the fiery Dragon-Lines that carry energy (magnetism) around and through the surface of the planet. I imagine most of them are in the sea.

New Zealand and the Philippines sit on top of the most powerful Dragon-Lines we know. What makes these Islands so beautiful is what also makes them so dangerous. In times of stability they are astonishing places to live; but in times of upheaval people have to know what is happening around them and adapt to those changes. This is the second destructive earthquake to hit Christchurch within six months, following the destructive 7.1 September 4 quake in 2010.

In 3D reality there are three main principles interacting and creating life. There is 'matter', there is 'energy' (magnetic force) and there is spirit [the third-principle]. This has nothing to do with religion or belief systems - this is a cosmic science from which all the worlds are created and have order. Spirit, magnetic force and 3D matter are - in reality - one force. But in physical form we experience the illusion of many forms and many forces at work.

In 2011, we are on the outer edge of 100 years of transformation; out of which a new form of human consciousness will emerge. The spirit consciousness enters physical 3D at birth and the bio-technology we interact with is the human body, mind and brain. From 2011 to 2111, we are going to discover that the body is the brain and the brain is the planet. The mind is the universe and the heart is the 'place of spirit' inhabiting the physical dimensions.