Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rosetta Stone of Electro-Magnetism

With 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells in the Gulf of Mexico (I guess that is now 27,001 abandoned wells), it is time the human race seriously apply themselves to creating a 'future worth living', with 3,500 abandoned wells classed as 'temporary abandonments' = not so strict requirements on sealing those temporary wells, and no one ever checks if those wells are leaking.

There are approximately 4,000 active oil and gas platforms operating in the Gulf of Mexico casino. The way I see it when you have 27,000 abandoned oil wells for 4,000 operational wells, that sure sounds a lot like a casino operation where the edge of the table is the Northern Gulf and the players are oil companies, governments and investors .. with the onlookers (consumers) buying the issue tickets that come out of the game (petroleum products).

When the boys win they look like heroes .. and as is generally more common at casino tables .. when the boys lose the whole family gets destroyed. That family is the eco system, the birds, fish and animals on the shoreline as well as the human relatives all along the coast and probably more extended relatives living inland. 'Prospect', 'Play' and 'Chance of Success' are all Petroleum field evaluation terms.

Areas of the oil and gas casino table are portioned into 'fields' and 'blocks', where the chips moved around and placed on the squares in this gamble are the exploration and production rigs. Those chips create the 'wins' when the boys look good and more often they create the losses where the families suffer.

Electro-Magnetism's Rosetta Stone
It's the 'cell' otherwise known as 'containment' .. these terms are not used in current free energy, electro-magnetic energy terminology. The Rosetta Stone translating all the languages of energy, magnetism, electrical current and conduction is the 'cell'.

Thousands of years ago the most ancient civilizations encoded the energy Rosetta key into stone structures in the form of pictograms and later Hieroglyphics. The problem people have today is the inability to understand and apply 'unique meaning'. The mind of mankind has been contaminated with 'collective meaning' where an exact linear definition of the word is 'the LAW'. Unique meaning is where the pictogram speaks to each individual on the level they can understand and develop.

Unique meaning does not imply a hierarchy or areas of superiority or inferior capacity - it simply applies the same interactive rules of nature common to all life. Sunlight and darkness do not have the same across the board effect on everyone. Each persons experience of sunlight and darkness (shared frequencies) is unique'.

I was watching the Steorn Orbo 'Proving Overunity' live experiment demonstration video on their website. Basically, this is the process of getting back more energy than is input into the system. The question is, why do live demonstrations of magnetic pulse motors often fail to produce the effects achieved in the research labs? Many years ago I read an account of a researcher who successfully built a functioning orgone motor that refused to work in the presence of observes who were extremely critical of the technology.

In my mind the problem is 'containment'. Production and transmission of energy in the world today uses 'push' to spark and drive, then sustain power transmission. All energy is produced through pressure (heat) as it expands it produces spills, leaks and energy loss.

Embedded in nature is a tiny Rosetta Stone capable of translating the many languages of interaction between energy and matter. I see cells as the inbuilt 'translators' and understanding how they do it will allow mankind to utilize magnetic energy from the earth at a local level with no energy loss. This is a move from production to transformation.

Electro-magnetic energy operates on the same frequencies of the human mind. Well, not only the human mind, because birds use it to fly and fish use it to swim (see Viktor Schauberger on Trout and Salmon), trees and plants use it, water is it and air is it. So, when man creates energy consuming technology the problem is we are extending into a 'shared environment'. Add to that the invisible background field flux and you will understand why certain effects will cancel out an experiment in natural electro-magnetic induction.

My understanding is that human energy production currently pushes so much electrical current into the system that the force of the supply overcomes the vulnerability of electrical current sensitivity to surrounding fields. By sensitivity I mean events where other magnetic fields interfere with or alter the projected electrical charge. This definition includes states of mind and unseen interference, as I consider paranormal and poltergeist phenomenon to be base electrical (energy) charged events.

If innovator B wants to create an energy containment unit as sensitive and efficient as the leaf of a plant, then the unit would have to similarly be shielded from the surrounding flux of other magnetic fields (including the human mind). That is where the cell comes in.

So, let's say all physical, material-mechanical phenomenon exists in an unseen sea of primal energy where the single cell is the transfer interface [transducer] between energy and matter. The way I see it is a living cell = containment where a constant magnetic spin (vortex spiral) maintains the health of the cell.

Each living cell is a power unit that together maintain complete bodies of physical matter and generate movement (direction). In this sense magnetic positioning defines navigation from sub-atomic particles to planetary and universal. The cells in all living things are navigation devices continually listening to the 'four directions' - North, South, East and West.

If innovator B builds an open system which takes the Earth's magnetism and turns it into power, that system will be subjected to a wide variety of natural interference from surrounding fields (including the human mind/human energy field). I assume living cells are 'shielded', otherwise how can they maintain form and individuality of the material entity. Surely a crystal is a crystal because it maintains individual shielding as it grows from the primal energy of all that is!

If I could shield the outer layer of this crystal ball with the frequency (vibration) of a living cell, I am sure it would act as a transmitter receiver and then I would innovate technology to work on a very fine vibration so that no great amount of energy is required to run the unit. Computers and cars would contain their own electromagnetic power units. How do I know this is possible? Because nature does it.

The forceful way man currently produces and transmits energy probably creates its own primitive shielding by the fact that it is a driving force set at such high energy output that it repels background magnetic fields, and this is why electrical current will repel you if you come in contact with it. The moment innovator B refines the magnetic-energy containment device (that would also transmit wireless energy), there is a problem. If you don't find a way to shield the energy unit then it will openly come into contact with and be influenced by natural (unseen) background magnetic energy fluctuations (including states of mind).

If you stop to think about what a living cell is, then it becomes apparent that the energy success of the cells that power the movement of humans, birds, animals, insects and fish are so highly efficient because of 'containment' and not levels of production of energy. A single cell is a 'womb' of living energy that combines with other cells to create physical matter. Using this template individual energy containment cells can be used to power future technology.