Friday, August 28, 2009

China To Hoard Rare Earth Minerals

Beijing is drawing up plans to prohibit (restrict) exports of rare earth metals that are produced only in China. Metals that play a vital role in cutting edge technologies from hybrid cars and catalytic converters, to superconductors and precision-guided weapons. Read: World faces hi-tech crunch as China eyes ban on rare metal exports - The Telegraph

On July 24 I posted: The Neodymium Wars - Neodymium is a rare metal whose production is essential to the future of all hi-tech nations. China produces 97 percent of the world's output of Neodymium...

On August 24 The Telegraph print an article warning that... "China is planning to hoard reserves." This is a very good article, you should read it as it may effect your future and your grandchildren's future .. Unless we take an alternative path into the future.

If you research this - the rare earth minerals future is similar to the Middle East and the extraction of oil. I am saying that the human species on this planet do not have to travel down that road. Also, I do not think we are going to travel down that road.

I am going to say something that most people will consider absurd - but I am going to say it anyway. You are conditioned to believe that in order to progress you have to dig and dig for rare earth minerals as oil becomes more difficult to extract from the Earth.

However, people on this planet do not need to dig for these minerals if they use their intelligence and their hearts. Love and respect for the Earth will lead people to find other solutions. The crazy thing I am about to say will one day become reality.

In green plant cells are all the elements to create a new Science, a new technology. Until now we have walked the path of metal and fire. Those days are over. Metal and fire will no longer rule the passage of man and cut up the Earth.

There are scientists and researchers in the future who will discover they can adapt plant cell life into functioning materials that allow human beings to live peacefully on this planet and create a life worth living.

Let the Chinese Government hoard their rare-metals, the toxicity will probably make them sick. There are alternatives to this insanity on every continent, existing for all people. The cells of plants will one day reveal, to the enlightened observer, a process that will illuminate our world to a new technological revolution. We are going plant-based as we leave fire and metal behind us.

Fire and metal have always signalled power of one over the other. This is what China's elite are threatening the world with, in the same pattern as the last 12,000 years. This is not the path the world is going to take. This is a re-run of the old Colonial show and it is boring ... unless the re-run is Star Trek '- )

We are heading for GREEN technology - literally. The geometry of plant cells will unravel compounds so revolutionary your grandchildren's children need never look back. The fire power of metal is coming to an end. Not through conflict - but through intelligence (enlightenment).

The world is so fearful -- Oh! Swine Flu! What will I do? Oh! Energy lost through reactions. Supply restrictions of rare earth elements! Oh! No! If you restrict the supply you increase the value. You force up the price and it is worthwhile to dig that stuff out and sell it.

Humans today are so stupid. Do you know what Magic really means? It means everything is a part of everything. You can find the same elements in bacteria, in plant cellulose, in probotics and replicate it. The efficiency of plant cells turning energy into power can be utilised by man.

The collective collaboration and cooperation of individuals understanding how common elements work and how they can be applied to sustainable communities is called development. The time of digging is over. It is time to plant!