Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Death of Chronos

There are a lot of social and political commentators out there filling the information base with stories of imminent collapse of systems, banking structures and governments across the world. They are predicting social and economic chaos. 2012 is looming and the human mind seems to be caught in the headlights of a pre-designed (archaic) bankcart travelling towards them at the speed of light. The human mind is frozen in the glare of the headlights, seeing only the parameters of the road where they are now caught. To the right and the left of this narrow road is a greater reality stream, and the way to get there is to get off the road. The road is defined by the state of the frozen mind, a lack of awareness, psychological dependence on archaic thought systems that take one nowhere.

The road, the crash - with the bankcart, the falling apart systems and the fear - are all coming to an end no matter what. The reality either side of the narrow road is upgrading its frequency parameters, and this upgrade will bleed across the whole spectrum of vibrations, dimensions, alternate worlds and physical material processes.

We just lived through a 12,000 year old glitch in time, that allowed us to indulge and distort our true perceptions of reality. Whether we want it or not the glitch is about to disappear, together with the distortion that holds the lie together. Until now that is what we have all been living. People on this earth have been living a lie.

No social, religious nor political system can regulate the unique essence of mind (consciousness) and impose order on the mind of a living creature. Any attempt to do so is in itself part of the dis-order.

The 12,000 year old glitch was the predominance of thought - psychological time - the measurer - Chronos: lord of time. Everything structured within that illusion was designed by THOUGHT. Saturn "order", Venus, Horus, The Dark Lord and all the myriad of saviours to rise up and defeat The Cube... were created by THOUGHT. Attacking and trying to overcome all the myriad mythological pieces on the board are attempts to overcome the roots, branches and shadows of THOUGHT, without ever going to the heart of the illusion.

The resistance, the fear and the shock of this universal change to the surrounding reality matrix is our own reaction - a symptom of our inner psychological dependence on THOUGHT. The square cube is difficult to move once it is set in its ways; but the sphere around the cube moves with ease, and this is what is missing in the current mind of mankind. The whole world clings to the cube, without ever having invested the time to create the circle.

By default the cube will fall apart, and everything dependent on the cube will fall into nothingness. The soul consciousness will reconsider and learn from how not to build a civilisation and we will move on. Reality is stranger than you can imagine, and imagination is limitless ... Those are the seeds we are given to plant within - the seeds of consciousness.

When you stop to look outside of the cube the signs are powerful and worth listening to. Dreams are changing, dimensions are merging. The birds are singing together for most of the day. The early morning sunrise brings a chorus of song from the birds that lasts until late morning. Sunset evokes a similar uplifting chorus from the birds that begins in the late afternoon. Their minds (their song) are transmitting what they feel into the physical world that surrounds us.

Nature all around us is responding to something unseen. The trees, animals and plants are being effected by a new energy. The so-called disruptions predicted are disruptions to our unnatural cubed lives, hidden inside a system built to perpetuate itself at the expense of all other life on this planet. The mind outside the cube is not disrupted and afraid. The mind outside of the cube is organic, energised and joyful.