Monday, April 27, 2009

What You Eat Becomes Part of You

As a young child I never liked eating red meat. As a little kid I would hide the meat under some potatoes to be able to throw it out, because I could not eat it. In some way I was fortunate that something inside me just did not like to consume meat and animal products, because what we eat becomes part of us.

The same applies to mould, ecoli bacteria, toxins and fungus. If our environment and our food sources are contaminated with parasites, fungus, salmonella or heavly metals they all become part of us. However, the substances that make up animal, bird and fish also become part of us when we consume the flesh of these creatures.

"You are what you eat", an archaeological investigation of diet
Diet & Archaeology

Many years ago I discovered a thin, frail wild peach tree growing on its own in the middle of a small park. At the time I discovered the peach tree there were small wild peaches ready to eat. I have never tasted peaches as rich and as beautiful as those growing on this wild tree. On the Island of Crete I found an ancient fig tree growing on rocks above the sea. The tree was growing wild and the figs were black and small. At the time I discovered the wild fig tree there were small ripe black figs ready to eat. I have never tasted figs as rich as those growing wild on the tree above the sea.

Humans on earth (today) consume and do not love the trees, the plants, the animals, the birds, the fish and the fruits of the earth. People no longer respect the spirit within life that surrounds us. "We are all from the earth, and when the earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted - then it will create its own reaction..." Indigenous Native American Prophecy