Sunday, February 08, 2009

Survival Miracle Plants - A New Paradigm

When you look into the future, you see a lot of things that the current paradigm wont like nor understand. This is because - when you genuinely see the real timeline vector (because there are a number of potential timeline shaping alternative futures) - the vision is beyond all conditioning of the linear cave dweller mind.

Those able to listen to the messages from the future, are often called visionaries, when (in reality) they are simply bridging the worlds. In some way the ability is similar to migratory birds, who are able to fly from one continent to another and know where they are going.

In the not too distant future, people on earth are peacefully cultivating hemp and cannabis [essential survival foods]. The message they are sending back to us is that this miracle plant is the source of essential new medicines, is used as a highly nutritional food, provides fiber, is being converted into plastics, is being used as a bio-mass, decontaminates water, can be used as a waste-filter to protect groundwater, is being used as building material, is a vital UV filter, conducts electrical signals, is non-inflammable and can be used to source heat to zero. Plus a few things we are not yet ready to understand...

Demonised as a drug by polarised secular commercial-political institutions, the essential survival qualities of the hemp and cannabis plants float outside of the current research/application paradigm, when [in reality] these plants offer mankind a powerful bridge to cross into the realms of Cosmic brotherhood. I say brotherhood, because the alternative timelines utilising this resource are feminine and highly advanced - unlike the current male-conflict worldwide struggle dragging all of nature down as mankind swims into the pit of hate, fear, anger, pettiness and jealousy.

Long associated, in the ancient world, with illumination and mystery - the cannabis plant directly challenges the human control paradigm where a faction of its own kind sought/seeks to be worshipped and needed by the confused mass. In this equation Need eclipses all power struggles. You essentially have an immature entity/faction desiring adoration.

When any elite is needed [=to control] by confused uneducated masses, the adoration is ... worthless. When a dominant race has to dumb down racial or planetary intelligence to be the dominant force on the planet, what does this say for the intelligence of the elite? Just stop and think about that for a moment.

In a way, the coming struggle will take the form of a dependant elite suffering - as humanity rediscovers its ethno-biological relationship with cosmos, as well as with the true power on earth -- the planet itself.

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