Friday, December 19, 2008

Weather Serpents & Las Vegas Snow Storms

Oh my goodness! Snow causes travel delays in Las Vegas! The pretty map on the right was created by Weather Underground. As you see the cold weather is bleeding down from the North... displacing the warmer and more stable wind and temperature cycles.

Planetary Weather Maps reveal (in shadow form) the magnetic serpents circling the Earth.

During times of stability the magnetic currents maintain elemental cycles from which all of nature grows.

Animals, plants, insects, bees, trees, birds, sea creatures and humans depend on these cycles for water and nourishment, for food production, safe living zones and breeding cycles for all living things.

Jet Stream maps reveal ancient mythological magnetic serpents holding the Earth's natural weather systems together. In some way, these Dragon Lines are the weather systems.

Should the Northern Midlatitude Jet Stream (serpents) collapse, colder winter weather bleeds into Southern regions not used to such cold weather patterns. As the warmer currents bleed into cooler regions, areas used to colder temperatures radiate (experience) warmer climate cycles.

Cycles bringing change and transformation onto the Earth are not new. These are very ancient cycles. The current cycle is not so severe that it would turn the Carribean into Antarctica... However, changes to Earth's weather cycles are severe enough to cause food production problems, water resource problems, severe flooding, droughts, sea-level rise, increased volcanic activity, increased earthquakes, temperature rises, ice storms and sudden powerful blanket snow storms.

The question is, how do we deal with this unfolding reality? Fear, panic and selfish behaviour will not create a balanced approach at a time where people have to cooperate and work together to meet the challenges ahead. The changing cycles challenge is - cooperate and survive or divide and fracture. These cycles herald a time in which mankind can heal their inner psychic and psychological behaviour.