Wednesday, October 08, 2008

You Inherit What You Are

If you look back down the stream of events over the last two thousand years, you will see a particularly dirty trail of smoke following our actions in the now. This means that in the now [this moment], we people on the earth keep lighting fires. Then we leave those fires unattended - to burn. Communities, societies and countries do not really care too much what happens after they light the fires and walk away.

The kind of fires that were lit over the past thousand years destroyed ancient cultures, eliminated ancient knowledge, implemented genocide and rolled right over our ancestors... crushing them... After all... we are human! Why destroy each other? Who would do such a thing? We do it to ourselves, even if we get a lot of help from parasitic demonic life forms and other time lines. Divide and conquer, conquer and divide. Why are we humans happy to live in this way? Perhaps, because it gives us the upper hand.

Kill your neighbour and you inherit his land. However, the short-sighted brain does not understand that the stench from the past will blow around to choke him to death in the future. The past is the future and so be careful how you live now.

Villages, communities, races and continents have been wiped out in the name of colonisation. The strong [militarily] rule the weak. Stone cottages lie in heaps of rubble in the Scottish Highlands, and the Native American communities turned to dust, as do all people who stand in the way of globalisation. The stench and the clouds of black smoke get thicker and thicker, overclouding the immediate future.

The Buddhist would say that the people who choke to death in the future clouds of toxic behaviour (smoke) are the ones who perpetuated these crimes in the past. The East call it the wheel of Karma... The system collapses, self-punishing itself over and over again. Greed and the dark clouds of regret spin into a storm-vortex effecting the world and all who reside upon it. Unless you know how to affect a radical change.

As the toxic smoke appears in front of us at a time we thought we had left it behind, be aware of genuine heart felt compassion. This is the only clear guide through the obsfucation of who we are, why we are here and the light that is guiding us. In the years ahead you may hear your ancestors cry, suffer, feel fear, their sense of loss and you may pity them. Follow their echoing cries into the light, compassion is there to guide you.

Once the toxic smoke from the colonial fires have dispersed in the fresh cleansing breeze coming from the western shores, people will be able to see and hear again. The seeing is the inner clarity that corruption, deception and lies are not among friends. The hearing is the knowledge of what is right action. The untouchable is truth, but this is a fruit we can eat and it will nourish us. 

Much later the fires and the dark toxic clouds will be a thing of the past.

Love, respect and truth will be a thing of the future.