Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ages In Chaos

Many years before the more dramatic signs of climate and electromagnetic earth-field changes became obvious, I was able to warn people ahead of time that our world climate and everything related to climate was about to go through symptoms of chaos. How was I able to do this?

We humans are connected intimately with our environment. There is not "the environment" and "us", seperate from all that surrounds us. The connections between environment and ourselves is seamless. We are the environment and the environment is us.

When there are poisonous substances in the water and the food we get sick, and when we dump poison directly into the natural environment the environment gets sick. The pollution and the carelessness of human beings dumping untreated waste into the environment makes the plants, animals sick. We humans breathe, eat and drink our own waste and contamination, becoming that which we sent out. It is like a signal that comes back telling and showing you who you are and what you have become.

I was able to see the climatic changes, because I listen to the animals, the trees and the invisible force of planetary intelligence. The small and the large showed me what we face as a global society, living on this planet, sharing its dwindling resources and also the price we pay for not paying attention.

It is not enough to watch presentations of snow storms in China, or flash floods around the world. People have to begin to listen and to pay attention to the signals their local environment is communicating to them, wherever people are in the world.

The local environment is a microcosm of the global environment, and the global environment is a microcosm of the surrounding cosmic aether, through which our solar system is now travelling. Our planetary home is a small part of a bigger picture. We humans are an even smaller part of a much bigger picture, and yet we connect to the larger events through our awareness and through our spirit consciousness.

People only think that they want to do what they want, and very few are listening to the actual signs. The small events of the local environment are part of much larger cosmic events moving into our planet as the earth follows the sun into a totally different space-time field.

Behind the chaos of a changing earth environment is perfect order. There is an intelligence behind everything that is happening on planet earth, and if people would listen to the environment-events and pay careful attention they would see this intelligence at work.

The Newtonian theories of gradual change are about to face their own climate change challenge. The Native Americans say that when the world was young crows were white, and the cultural stories handed down from one generation to the next say the white crows got changed to black. Which means they SAW changes happen.

Since 2007 I see many more black crows in the fields with bright white feathers, and I wonder if many Native and Celtic stories and mythologies are indicators and signs speaking of times of change - but we have forgotten what we are telling each other and we have lost the real meaning behind the myths.

Because people live day to day and do not see changes happen, they say to each other: "This is the way the world is." The mind takes things for granted, and creates sciences around the fixed ways of elements and weather patterns.

On a quantum level things are changing a shifting around. The sciences say we humans need a new theory only for the quantum level that explains how things happen there as opposed to how things happen here on the fixed physical spectrum of things. As you see all around you, the fixed physical spectrum is effected by the background quantum level.

We are moving through a new electromagnetic cosmic field, and those waves are entering the earth. Many new and wonderful things will happen, but people are afraid of change - because of the fixed way their minds view the world they live in.

Everything that is happening is natural. What is not natural is the way humans live on this planet and the state of the human mind. So, this is a big wake up call to all the people on the earth. A volatile and changing environment cannot sustain large populations when the water, soil and air are so heavily polluted. We destroy all the balances of nature on this planet. People do not hear the larger cosmic event reflected in the small changes in the natural world that surrounds them.