Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Spirit Ancestors of Many Nations

As a child, I would hear the songs of the Ancestors, this song of the spirit world is the first thing a child hears when they are born into the physical world. The physical world parents are the honoured guardians of the child of the Spirit Ancestors; but one of the first things humans do is to try to take control of the new spirit. The human family tell the children not to listen to the song of their ancestors. In the westernized world, a child who hears the songs of the Ancestors is a danger to progress. This is because a child who listens to the song of life will not destroy the planet, nor fill their stomach with the blood of their brothers and sisters sharing this sacred journey.

In the physical world, if you do not become a killer you fail. In the spirit world you fail when you become a killer. The spirit world outlives the physical world many times over, and so it is up to you to decide where you want to invest your energy. Those who become killers die, and those who stay balanced live

It is not hard to listen to the harmonious songs of the Ancestors, without their song we would not exist. The original song harmonises our DNA, and those harmonics hold the physical body together.

One of the first problems people face is the dis-resonant song of ego identity, which offers the spirit whatever it wants -- as opposed to what is right. Many people think the songs of the Ancestors would make a nice tune if they could hear it... In reality, listening to the Ancestors leaves no choice, and this is why the vision is not a valid one for most people.

People want to do what they want, and live the illusion that they can do whatever they want regardless of the consequences. To the spirit world this behaviour is madness. As a result the world has a big drug problem, but the biggest drug of all is the ego and all the other little drugs are the way the ego controls the individual mind to get its own way.

A healthy and awake individual would say to the ego: "Wait a minute, you are leading me on a path to destruction, while behind me is a trail of devastation."

The Matrix illusion is that people can do what they want. This creates a somewhat brutal, insensitive approach to living on this earth. If people would hesitate, step back and question their thoughts and movements - they would discover a magical world beyond thought.

You may say: "Wait-a-minute! You need to think to write your posts..."

Actually! No! When I write posts or work on my website, I cease to exist.

We humans are much more than walking thought containers. If you stopped to consider that your thoughts are not you but are some mechanical type intrusion into the peace and depth of an otherwise silent mind, then life would take on another meaning.

Nano-seconds... quantum millimeters... a heartbeat beyond thought... lies a world few people enter, before they die. This other world has depth, intensity, beauty, silence... It is the unknown... The silent mind is not a popular destination for the mass populations, whose minds are under siege, stressed out, violent, unhappy and never at rest.

People on this planet run to places of great beauty to silence their minds, or they attempt other means, they have other addictions. The very attempt to attain peace of mind is the denial of that peace. Peace does not come from outside, it is not far away, you cannot journey to find it and it does not take time to arrive there.

The noisy mind runs through its activities seeking peace from itself, while the fragile human being looks on - a passenger in their own life as it unfolds in front of them at the speed of thought. There really is no method to shift the mind into a state of silence. The silence comes only when thought dies completely. The ending of thought is choiceless awareness. This leads us to our true origins. To read the story of our true origins the mind has to be still, silent and at peace.