Friday, August 18, 2006

The Human Crisis

Water in the boat
is the death of the boat
water under the boat
and the boat's afloat
- Rumi

As I was researching for solutions to the increasing global crisis. I was thinking about the media and why they exist at all. Do they exist to inform or to condition? Unlike Blogs, the content is controlled by owners and editors. The Blog writers are mostly dedicated servants of their own design. The media is its own paid servant.

I have been warning people for years that water supplies will be at the center of global and local conflicts. Today you see water scarcity issues spreading across the media propaganda machine, and what is their concern? What are they telling people? That it is a problem caused by circumstance. Populations are rising and water reserves cannot replenish as the amount of water used by humans is more than the amount of water returning to the resevoirs, rives, lakes and aquifiers. The problem is external to ourselves.

Nowhere do the media address the real problem. They don't touch on it. They don't consider it. The real problem is not circumstantial. The real problem is us. The real problem is the way we live, our attitude, who and what we have become. The issue of self-responsability is as taboo to the media circus as are UFO's. They simply wont address it. Our lack of caring is the real problem, as well as our mass acceptance of dependance on the state. Capitalist or communist, humans are conditioned to depend on the state. No one takes responsability for their own water supply and the recycling of their own Water Resources. No one cares. Well, when it all breaks down people will care - only by then it is too late.

The increasing global water problem is not an external situation, it is an internal crisis. Only, we do not recognise it as such. Governments are legally responsible for the water supply, not you or I. This is totally wrong. You and I are responsible for the water supply, not Governments. Especially so when the supplies dry up, because we are the ones who will be effected. Around the world it will be a local tragedy making global headlines. The ones to blame for that tragedy are ourselves.

If chemicals or sewage pour into a river, you will be the one effected and Governments will be the ones who cover it up. Our internal lack of awareness and lack of caring for our world has allowed corporate government interests to take over ownership of the environment and use it as they wish. On a family by family level people use resources and do not care what environmental effects this will have on our world. Only when the poisons you pour into the water supply come back to haunt you, will you care about the environment. But by then it will be too late, you will be dead.

The global water crisis is an accumulated problem created by billions of people who do not care. The monolithic and centralised water systems have led to growing abuse. If people had to be directly accountable for the broken systems water loss, things would be much different today. Much of the water pumped to our homes is lost through cracks on the way. The earth pays a high price for our incompetance. Now our incompetance is squeaking at the seams.

This is not a failure of the planet, it is a failure of the people living on the planet - of mankind. We have largely destroyed our world, and as the last inches are sailed towards hitting the iceberg, the responsability lies with us. The media would have you believe these are external events outside your control. The whole point is that these are personal internal failings that are year by year leading to nature's graduation exam. Nature will give it all back to us, and ask us to deal with it. The point I am making is that the monolithic, centralised, state controlled circus is not the much needed resource that will pass nature's exam. When the sewage and poison comes choking back up into your home, you will have to deal with it. Or you can begin to do something before the drains back up.

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