Sunday, March 06, 2005

North Pole Star Chakra

The Mystical Arctic Hyporboreans

Magnitude 6.3 North of Zervenaya Zemlya - March 6, 2005
12:21:43 PM local time at epicenter
World Map long,lat 90,90

"Far north, somewhere near the icy regions of the North Pole, legend speaks of an ancient and mostly forgotten civilisation. Mythical in character, the Hyperborean civilisation is said to have flourished in the northern most region of planet Earth at a time when the area was suitable for human habitation.

"According to certain esoteric systems and spiritual traditions, Hyperborea was the terrestrial and celestial beginning of civilisation. The home of original Man. Some theories postulate Hyperborea was the original Garden of Eden, the point where the earthly and heavenly planes meet. And it is said Man transgressed Divine Law in this Golden Age civilisation, the ultimate price being his banishment to the outside world. Man ventured into other regions of Earth, establishing new civilisations, bringing to an end this great and glorious Golden Age."
The Western Mystery Traditions

"The lineage of the Western Mystery Tradition can be traced back to Atlantis, Eden, ancient Sumeria, and the paradisal arctic Hyperboreans. These teachings are carried forward by many Western world spiritual groups, some of whom you may recognize by name: the Rosicrucian Order, Freemasons, Theosophists, the Alice Bailey teachings, Gnostics, Alchemists, Christian Mystics, Rudolph Steiner's Anthroposophists, and the Hermetic Orders of the Golden Dawn and Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.), the goddess traditions and many of the Native traditions such as shamanism rooted in the Inca, Maya, and Aztec cultures. A re-emergence of this great metaphysical Tradition is occurring now for today's troubled world. So you may be feeling the Call to re-unite with your own inner terrestrial/celestial lineage, pre-coded in your DNA."
The Spiritual Pole

In the myths and traditions of the subterranean world it is often said that the world's surface was yet to suffer a terrible world war (Third World War) which would though be ended by earthquakes, other natural disasters and a switching of the poles and the deaths therefrom of two thirds of humanity. After this "last war" the several races of the inner Earth would reunite with the survivors on the surface and the thousand-year GOLDEN AGE (age of Aquarius) would be rung in.

Those who do not learn by their mistakes, repeat them.

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